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In Conversation: Geddes
In Conversation: Geddes

This week we caught up with one of the mainstays of London's house and techno scene, Mulletover founder Geddes. A born and bred Londoner, the DJ and producer has stamped his identity onto the city that raised him, and shared his thoughts with Ticket Arena's Josh Plews as they discussed the London party scene, Geddes' label nofitstate, and the DJ's post-carnival plans. Here's how it went down.

You are considered to be a pioneer in the house and techno scene within London. Can you tell me about your beginnings as a DJ and producer? Which came first? Do you consider yourself to be equally as proficient at both or more so towards one?
My beginnings definitely came as a DJ first and foremost, I was obsessed with having a pair of decks from a very young age and spent most of my free time mixing with my friends. At that point being a producer hadn't even crossed my mind and is something that came to light much later once music was my full time thing.

You are a founder and still an integral part of the London-based party series Mulletover, which has been running since 2004. How competitive is the club scene in the capital and what do you need to do to stand out from other parties?
It's super competitive at the moment with not that many venues to use and everybody fights over the same acts which pushes DJs' fees sky high, so it’s definitely not a free party movement in London.

For you, which are the other parties in London that really set themselves apart from others?

At the moment Secret Sundaze are still doing it, Percolate seem to organise some great line-ups, Half Baked have their thing going on and some other smaller events like Into The Woods are cool.

As the booker for the night, do you mainly focus on what’s new and fresh or are you akin to bringing in those who are legends within the dance music scene? Which of each have been your favourites?
When organising a party I focus on the music being played and whoever can deliver a good DJ, those are the people I tend to book. There are so many good DJs out there it’s difficult to pin point but one of my favourites over the years is Meat from Frankfurt and probably Zip

You have a Carnival After Party on August bank holiday weekend. Can you tell us a bit about that and also, what’s next for Mulletover?
Its been a long time since we did anything with Mulletover and this year we decided to do some events. Back in the day we organised some Mulletover events for Carnival so when the opportunity presented itself it seemed logical to do something again. Our guests are Luke Solomon from Classic Records and Jonny Rock who's a firm favourite selector of mine.

You’ve just put out the most recent release on your record label nofitstate, which contains two originals and two remixes from Okain and Seb Zito. What’s your relationship with these two and why were they right to remix the track ‘Can’t You See’?
Both Okain and Seb are friends of mine and musically two producers whose music I play, so it makes sense to collaborate with them

Have you got many releases penned for the rest of the year on nofitstate? Also, your own music, any other action coming soon there?
I have some music planned on nofitstate coming from The Willers Brothers, Okain and myself.

Finally, you will be playing at Egg’s Eastern Electrics after party alongside Matt Tolfrey, Steve Lawler, Dense & Pika and others on August 6th. Has the festival been a good addition to the London circuit since it started and what are you looking forward to most about this year?
It's become a major player on the London circuit and I'm really chuffed for the guys - it goes from strength to strength each year. I think more than anything I'm looking forward to playing the After Party as last year was mega!

You can catch Geddes, Steve Lawler, Dense & Pika and Matt Tolfrey at Egg on August 6th, with first release tickets available now.

Interview by Josh Plews
Photos courtesy of Phuture Traxx