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In Conversation: Guti

In Conversation: Guti

Andrew Kemp | Features & Interviews

London’s Printworks has made quite a splash since opening its doors to some of the biggest parties in the capital, and though still in its fledgling months there’s no shortage of attention being placed on its impressive-looking day events. Open midday to 11pm most weekends, the venue has hosted artists as big as Maya Jane Coles and Adam Beyer in its first month of operation, and will continue in similar fashion as it welcomes Luciano and friends on Saturday 8th April. Among that select group of compadres, Argentinian DJ and producer Guti will be stepping into the new venue, bringing a taste of the intelligent tech house that has earned him rave reviews for releases on Cadenza, Crosstown Rebels and more.

Wanting to find out a tad more about the man behind the music, we spoke to Guti about his musical heritage, the influence of place and his exciting plans for the future.   

Hello! You’re playing at new London venue Printworks next month. What are your thoughts on the new venue? Is it particularly important that such a large space is opening up given all the talk recently about the decline of London’s nightlife?
I’m very curious to check it out as I’ve been seeing news about it online since the opening.  I think it’s great that a new venue like this is opening in London.  It’s a positive statement about nightlife in general in a place that really needs it at the moment.

Do you have to prepare differently for a day party than a standard night time show?
It doesn’t really make a difference to me. 

You share your name with former Real Madrid playmaker Guti, who was a cult hero during his time at the Bernabeu. Seeing as you’re from the football-mad city of Buenos Aires, I wondered if the famous footballer might have been the inspiration for your name?
Guti comes from an abbreviation of my mother’s maiden name – Gutierrez.  

Your background is vastly different to many producers of house and techno, as you were actually in a successful jazz band before you’d ever even thought about making electronic beats. How does the atmosphere at a jazz gig compare to an audience of clubbers?
I was actually in a rock band. The gigs were very different, starting early & ending early which is typical in live music.  The entire show would be over before midnight and now my sets are usually between 02:00 to 05:00 on average.  The music is completely different, but you can still build and feel a certain atmosphere with a crowd despite the style of music.  It’s about making a connection.

Does your jazz training set you at an advantage when it comes to DJing as well as production?
Yes, as it gives me a unique source of inspiration.  

How does coming from a family of musicians influence your musical output?
I think for the most part, I learned to respect the creative process while continuing to be inspired and still having fun.

You’ve moved about a fair during your pursuit of a career in music, so which place has offered you the most in terms of musical development?
Most places played a unique role in my musical development because I was also in different phases of life.  The move to Dusseldorf was important since that was my 1st big move from South America and all the transitions involved in moving continents from language to culture.  When I relocated to Barcelona, I was really making strides with my career and touring around the world.  Now in Bucharest, I’ve built an amazing studio here and this year will be my most productive one yet.

Are there any cities where you feel a special connection with the audience despite never having lived there?
There’s a few but Chicago, Tokyo & London are at the top of the list.

It seems like you like to seek out new challenges as a musician; what’s next?
I have a lot of different projects on the go from EP’s coming out ranging from Cuttin’ Headz to Desolat, an album project with Francesco Tristano and very special project on my own label, Rompecorazones.

See Guti perform live on a bill that also includes Luciano, Martin Buttrich, Alex Celler and more when they touch down at the Printworks on Saturday 8th April.

Photo courtesy of Artist Alife Agency

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In Conversation: Guti

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