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In Conversation: Huxley

In Conversation: Huxley

Michael Dodman, aka Huxley, has been one of the consistent features on the Aus Music imprint for much of the label's 10 year history. Having crafted a number of EPs and releases which have featured on labels such as 20:20 Vision and Hypercolur, Huxley has become one of the more seasoned producers and DJs on the circuit, consitently changing it up to apply his touch to a new sound. With a debut album already under the belt, Huxley has now centred his concerntration on a new project from which his own label No Ideas Original has emerged. The label will serve as an outlet for house and techno stylings courtesy of Huxley and a cohort of exiting producers with the intention of branchuing out into a party series showcasing the sounds on the label. With Huxley set to swing by The Nest London Saturday 12th March along with Cheesus and Pierre Codarin for a label showcase, we caught up with Michael to talk No Ideas Original, LP's and what to expect this coming Saturday. 

No Ideas Original Flyer

Hi Michael, how are you doing today?
I’m really good, thanks. A little ill as I’ve been travelling for a few weeks straight and it’s caught up with me but generally, I’m all good.

Your brand new EP on Aus, which has long been a regular home for your music, has just landed at the end of last month. What does the label mean to you being one that you have been releasing on for a long while?
It’s home, really. Will and Jodie at the label are really supportive but also push me pretty hard to get the best out of me which is kind of what you want from a label.

You have been said to “never stay in one sonic niche for too long”. Did you attempt to go off on any different directions with this new EP?
I feel really strongly about this, yeah. Since I did my album I’ve wanted to experiment, to try and redefine things I do. What’s the point in staying in one place? Creatively, I think if you keep knocking the same stuff out then you’re at a dead end. Thankfully, I get bored easily so I’m naturally inclined to try and change what I do.

Your debut LP was also released on Aus last year. Is a second album something you would like to do anytime soon?
Honestly, no. Not at the moment, anyway. This year, for me, is about putting out singles and doing a load of remixes - experimenting, as I said. The next ‘big’ project I do is a while off, for sure - or maybe not, who knows!

Your Rinse FM shows on monthly Saturdays have welcomed some great guests over the past couple of years, with the most recent guest being TWR72. You described them as being your favourite artists from last year. Can you tell us a bit about them?
Have you checked their stuff out? it’s wicked. Their own label, Float, is excellent too and it’s always good to see artists setting up their own labels and doing it properly. I was really pleased to have them on the show, too - their music speaks for itself, much better than I can anyway, so check out their soundcloud page.

You’ve got a number of festival appearances confirmed for the summer that lies ahead including Lost Village, Loveland and Snowbombing. What else are you looking forward to now the sun is coming out again?
Summer season is always fun with festivals and Ibiza shows etc - beyond those, by the looks of it I’m going to be spending an unholy amount of time indoors in the studio though!

I’d like to finish by talking a bit about your new label No Ideas Original, which was launched during the final months of last year. Why did you want to start your own label?
I had a label previously but it was a partnership with someone else, which was cool but there’s always a bit of compromise there so it’s nice to have something that’s 100% me, you know? Beyond that the motivation was simple - just having the chance to put out some good music. I’m lucky enough to have been sent some great music to put out from Sage Caswell, Pierre Codarin and a bunch of others so I’m excited about the whole thing

The debut EP on the imprint has already been released, which was a collaborative effort between yourself and J.Phlip. How did you find working together?
We’ve known each other a good while and get on really well so the whole process was relatively easy. We started the projects in my studio when she was over here then finished them off remotely after. The latter bit I’m not much of a fan of, working remotely, to be honest as it’s a much better dynamic when you get a chance to sit down with someone but we were both happy with how the tracks came out and it was cool to be able to launch the label with them.

Can you let us in on any of the forthcoming releases on No Ideas Original?
Sage Caswell’s ‘House of Jeans’ literally just came out and Pierre Codarin’s ‘Second Date’ is in promo at the moment - other than that we’re working on paperwork on a few others that are really exciting but, typically, i can’t say too much about them yet i’m afraid.

Finally, the first ever label showcase will be taking place at The Nest on March 12th. Can you tell us a bit about who’s on the line up and what we can expect here?
I’m really looking forward to it, especially after being on other continents for a few weeks. Pierre Codarin who I mentioned before is on warm up duties - I met him a good few years back as he’s a promoter in Southend and we really hit it off. He’s a top bloke and really talented. His music is proper raw, machine music. Chesus aka Earl Jeffers is someone I’ve been into for years - he’s done some superb house music for 4Lux, Local Talk, Well Rounded and a bunch of other good labels - he’s a proper DJ too.

Thanks Michael, all the best with label and for the summer ahead!

Interview by Josh Plews
Photos courtesy of Bear Management & The Nest

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In Conversation: Huxley

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