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In Conversation: Kolo & Dyze

In Conversation: Kolo & Dyze

Andrew Kemp | Features & Interviews

Drawing for our notepads once again, this week we linked up with Into The Woods favourite Kolo & Dyze, with the aim of finding out more about an artist who normally lets the music do the talking. Now approaching his first gig at new London venue Printworks, Kolo & Dyze spoke to us about village roots and his AnaloQ label.

For those who haven’t come across you yet, can you tell us a little about who Kolo & Dyze is?
I’m a DJ / Producer and label owner of AnaloQ Musik from Great Canfield, which is a village in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I just say London because no one knows what Great Canfield is.

When did dance music become such a significant part of your life?
I remember it well, walking down Brick lane in London on a Sunday afternoon with a group of mates back in 2008 and ending up in 93 Feet East for Fuse. I completely fell in love with their sound, so looking back on that memory it’s nice to be doing some projects with some of their artists now on my label.

Tell us a bit about your involvement with Into The Woods.
I randomly met Chris, the owner, at a BBQ on London Fields just as he was starting out the parties, so he gave me a set at the next event. It was under a train arch in Hackney which was wicked and it all blossomed from there into a residency.

At the moment you’re far more active as a DJ than a producer. Is that something that we might see change in the future?
I am producing quietly, I make a lot of private edits and loops for my sets and play some unreleased tracks that I like to keep private but I will be releasing a new track on a VA coming out on my label AnaloQ this summer, amongst some other wicked producers but can’t say who just yet.

You play out a fair amount now, which means you must see a lot more DJs as well. Is the way that you perceive a set different when you’re watching as a fellow artist to when you’re in the crowd as a punter?
Ha yes it can be kind of annoying actually, sometimes you sort of stand there studying exactly how they are doing everything rather than just sitting back and just enjoying it, but I try not to do that.

You’ll be playing at Junction 2 in June, with some huge names including Adam Beyer, Ben Klock, Recondite and Jane Fitz. Who are you most excited to see?
Yes, really looking forward to Junction 2! I’m mostly looking forward to Praslea who I’m on the same stage as, actually. He’s such a pioneer in the side of the industry I am a part of - a really talented DJ so it’s a privilege to share the stage with him!

Have you had any experience of the festival before? What are your impressions?
It was Junction 2’s first year last year so I didn’t even know what it was. Then I saw a bunch of my mates there on social media like ‘wow, where is that?’ because the festival space looked wicked! So I planned to go check it out this year, then I got booked to play the event, which is amazing for me!

You also have a set at Printworks to look forward to, as you’re one of the friends that Luciano will bring to town on Saturday 8th April. What do you make of the new venue?
I think it’s probably one of the best venues I’ve seen! It looks crazy there! I think it’s just what London needed, it’s great for the scene here to have a space like that with the lineups they are putting on.

How exciting is it to play at a brand new place for the first time?
Yes, really excited to be part of such a huge project and it’s wicked to be there with all my friends from Into The Woods as well, it’s going to be a big day of music!

We think it’s good to finish on a selection, so can you recommend a track that will be making its way into one of your sets over the next few months?
I’m going to be playing a lot of fresh music myself and from my label AnaloQ Musik that is going to be released throughout this year: https://soundcloud.com/analoq-london

Kolo & Dyze plays at Printworks on Saturday 8th April, and will be playing alongside Luciano, Martin Buttrich, Guti and Alex Celler. He will also be at Junction 2 on Saturday 10th June, with Into The Woods running a stage that also includes Praslea, Jane Fitz, Janeret and more.

Photo courtesy of Kolo & Dyze

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In Conversation: Kolo & Dyze

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