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In Conversation: Leftwing & Kody

In Conversation: Leftwing & Kody

Being able to shine a light up to all of the good music that is flying about is a hugely important aim for a lot of DJ and producers. Artists in this particular style are often more than willing to help their fellow colleagues in any way they can.

London duo Leftwing & Kody were already providing a platform for artists to showcase their music to the world through Lost Records but have since established another imprint Lost Audio to fully appreciate the hotbed of talent.

“We were wondering what should we do with all this fantastic music we’re getting sent and you’ve only got a certain amount of releases you can do in a year. We just decided the logical thing would be to start another label. It is like a vehicle to help break new artists and give some exposure to people that we feel need a bit more in Europe and the UK.”

Trying to make yourself heard in today’s world is something which Leftwing & Kody know all about. They can relate to that struggle and so it is deeply satisfying for them to see how they have helped other artists to flourish since releasing on their label.

“We know what it’s like to be in that boat trying to break through. Latmun is a good example for us. I think we put out a track and it was like his third release on one of our compilation albums a few years ago and there was the Cosmic EP last year which did really well. It’s great to see guys like that flying now, doing their own thing and it’s amazing that our label was able to contribute to that.”

Now that they have two imprints the pair are looking forward to enjoying more creative freedom and channelling different sounds.

“Our aim is to try and take Lost Records into a different direction. We have got some time now to be able to experiment and maybe try and keep ahead of the game. Lost Audio is going to be about the current sound, keeping things relative and bang up to date.”

Ever since establishing their own platform there has been so much to learn and it has been quite testing. Making sure they are on top of things has probably been the most challenging aspect of the venture according to Leftwing and Kody.

“One thing that we definitely had to get our heads around was the organizational side of stuff. There are a lot of target dates involved, getting stuff to PR companies, doing press releases, doing DJ promo and all of those kinds of things. There’s a certain kind of formula to it that you need to stick to in order to get the full potential of the whole process.”

They may have played all around the world, stopping off at the likes of New Zealand and Germany, but it is a city they are going back to in a few weeks which will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Gorilla is one of the more intimate venues located in Manchester but this small club situated within a railway arch has always been home to massively exhilarating shows for Leftwing & Kody.

The most interesting thing when talking about the forthcoming show was the way in which they have often picked up on a discernible difference between Manchester and London crowds.

“Gorilla was actually the first out of London gig that we did. We’ve just had a history there. We’ve played it so many times and it’s always such a good crowd. In London it’s a bit moody. There’s certain parties where people are just going to be seen and not necessarily for the music.”

Staying in the north-west it was a festival held near the sleepy village of Sawley that proved to be an unforgettable show for Leftwing & Kody as they reflected on the past year.

The Beat-Herder festival, which champions a variety of genres from house to folk, has become one of the most popular small-sized events in the area over recent times.

“Toil Trees at Beat Herder festival in the summer was a stand-out show. It was the first time we played that festival and we were blown away by the whole experience. We played at sundown and everyone was just on a great vibe and we came away from that show really excited and hoping to play it again next year.”

They had an even greater appreciation for the event after being educated by OC & Verde on how it is organized and the festival’s ethos.

Learning it was just a select few people that had been putting all of their own money into it came as no real surprise given how much affection they felt after playing at the event.

“It’s something that was kind of a family-orientated experience and you felt like you were being let into this family circle and it was a real privilege to be a part of that.”

Looking ahead it is clear that 2018 is going to be an incredibly busy and exciting year for Leftwing & Kody.

Not only will they be busy making sure Lost Audio is providing the freshest sounds in house and techno but they also have forthcoming releases on Moon Harbour and Loco Dice’s Desolat label.

One might forgive them if they wanted to take a minute and admire their handiwork after securing the approval of a true techno heavyweight, but Leftwing & Kody also plan on dropping an album.

The main aim is to adopt a completely different tone than to what you might associate with the pair when they are tearing up a club or festival.

“It’s going to be very different to what you’d expect from us. We want people to be able to listen to it in the car or at home. We have been making club records for a long, long time now so we want to get all the experimentation going again in the studio.”

Leftwing & Kody play Solid Grooves at Manchester’s Gorilla on Friday 22nd December.

Photo courtesy of Leftwing & Kody

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In Conversation: Leftwing & Kody

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