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In Conversation: LWE

In Conversation: LWE

London Warehouse Events have been transforming the face of the capital’s clubbing landscape for the best part of a decade. Renown for seeking out unheard of spaces and transforming them into some of the biggest clubbing institutions in London, LWE’s creativity has been a key element in their rise. With every last detail taken into account, the exploits of the London promoters have captured the attention of some of the biggest brands on the planet, from Drumcode to Acid Future. Working from their fortress of Tobacco Dock, LWE have welcomed Bonobo’s Outlier party along with the forward thinking SidexSide over the course of the year so far. Next up on the agenda will see LWE sprinkle their magic on another blank canvas for the inaugural Junction 2 festival. The one-day event will be taking place before the striking backdrop of Boston Manor Park June 4th with Drumcode, Closer and The Hydra all hosting stages at the festival. To get to grips with the idea behind Junction 2, we caught up with the festival’s visionaries; LWE.

LWE Team(LWE Team: Paul Jack, Alice Farve & Will Harold)

Junction 2 is coming to London for the first time on June 4th. Can you give us a rundown of what’s going to be going down?
Junction 2 is a new festival, in a new location brought to you by LWE and brand partners Drumcode and The Hydra.

We have been thinking about doing our own festival for a long time but until we found this location we were never inspired enough to think the time was right.

The message for Junction 2 is simple - great sound, high-end production, an attention to detail, with Stages hosted by Drumcode, The Hydra alongside LWE’s brand, Closer. Adam Beyer's Drumcode takes centre stage underneath the dominating bridge structure. Powerful lines of pillars run down the length of the dance floor creating a unique, raw experience that can only be compared to the infamous Kappa FuturFestival in Italy. Contrasting with the brutalist aesthetic of the main stage, the site’s natural beauty is truly revealed when you follow tree-lined pathways to the field where The Hydra and Closer stages will sit.

Click here to view Junction 2 lineup

The festival will be taking place at a never before used venue, Boston Manor Park. How did you guys come across the venue?
Months and months of looking at different spaces and working with our venue finding partner’s the The Fair. The area under the bridge at Boston Manor Park has been on our radar for many years but we hadn’t really taken the next steps to explore the location as we weren’t sure which musical direction to take it in. It’s rare when you walk into somewhere and instantly think to yourself, this is very special, it’s only happened twice before, once with Great Suffolk Street warehouse and our current home Tobacco Dock. This is the third time… and you know what they say about third time!

And how does the location lend itself the style of music at Junction 2?
The location can only described as unique and like nothing that has been done before in the UK. The combination of the main dance floor sitting directly below M4 motorway, on a island and surrounded by green fields and woodland makes for the perfect location to host a techno focused event but incorporating some of what you would expect at a traditional festival site.

Junction 2 site

Do you think parties in locations like this is something that’s missing from the capital’s club scene?
London has some great events and some interesting line ups and a great crowd going out and enjoying them but it definitely has a lack of available spaces to do interesting events in. Look at Berlin and Barcelona. Real leaders in Europe when it comes to giving the city and citizens something more than just houses, shops and offices.

There seems to be an emphasis on a classic club culture features; good soundsystems, longer DJ sets etc. Can you let explain the ethos to us?
There seems to be a bit of a surge of ‘VIP’ areas at the moment and cramming as many DJs onto a line up to make it look bigger. There is a lot of competition out there at the moment so people feel they need to give and sell MORE all the time and present everything as bigger and better than someone elses thing. We decided to go against that and draw on quality. We haven't shouted about more anything, just concentrated on what is important to us - a strong attention to detail with the operation of the festival alongside elements of the party that actually matter once you are on site, rather than something you sell and market in advance but in reality doesn’t make any difference on the day.

Junction 2 site below motorway

LWE seem to have a very close alliance with Drumcode, as there have been so many good parties where the two have come together. How did this relationship start out?
The relationship started through my partner Will who leads on all artist bookings. Will had been watching Drumcode for a while and saw its potential. We produced and promoted their first London show at Great Suffolk Street in 2010, it was our 3rd event as LWE and also the event where Alice joined us. Since then we have worked closely together on all the Drumcode London shows. We have a great relationship with Adam’s management and agents and they trust us to do the right thing by them and the brand. It’s been extremely rewarding and exciting working alongside them as they totally get what we are trying to achieve and they work with us to make every party one to remember. Every single DC party in London has been amazing. People still talk about the Closer event we did in 2012 at Factory 7 with Adam where he played a 6 hour set, people wouldn’t leave at the end when we turned the lights up, the atmosphere was electric.

Looking towards who else will be hosting stages at Junction 2, we have Hydra and Closer. Could you give us a brief insight into the brands and what they will bring to the festival?
The Hydra have long been at the forefront of the more underground electronic sounds you hear in London and their home at Studio Spaces in E1 has been the scene of many a fantastic events.  We love what they do as a team and we respect their focus on picking the right artists, and the incredible attention to detail with regards production and sound.

Closer Sketch Junction 2

The party will be in action from midday until 10:30pm. Will there be after parties for those who want to continue dancing into the night?
We have just announced one, funnily enough at Studio Spaces with The Hydra. Fabric are also hosting Nina Kraviz and Carl Craig. So 2 quality venues for those that want to continue on afterwards.

Are there any personal highlights for yourselves on the huge line up that you cannot wait for?
Nina Kraviz and Marcel Dettman in our Closer warehouse, Adam Beyer under the bridge and superstar in the making, Alan Fitzpatrick. 

Junction 2 makes it debut at Boston Manor Park June 4th. Tickets on sale now. 

Interview by Josh Plews
Photos courtesy of LWE

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In Conversation: LWE

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