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In Conversation: Marc Kinchen

In Conversation: Marc Kinchen

DJ and producer Marc Kinchen - better known by his stage moniker MK - is somewhat of an unstoppable force, as his music career, which is a long withstanding span that began all the way back in '89, is still proving today. A long list of high calibre collaborators, ft. the likes of hip hop royalty Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, as well as a string of chart-topping hits, MK has not only lived through over two decades of electronic music - he's dominated it. 

Now, MK continues to do so with not only his consistent chart-topping tracks, but his Area 10 parties are dominating festival stages, poolside residencies in Ibiza and venues across the world. His next stops will be bringing in the new year, as MK headlines Electric Brixton in London for New Year's Eve

We caught up with MK for a quick chat about past collaborations, new releases and more...
Since you started out primarily as a producer, can you recall the first time you ever played out one of your productions while DJing?

It was a long time ago in London at The Ministry of Sound. I remember that set was a lot of fun. It was before tech replaced most of vinyl djing, so it was a bit strange for me since my idea of djing back then was to literally bring my studio with me to mix live. And since mixing live still required vinyl, I brought my big brother Scott with me to handle the vinyl duties while I mixed live. It was definitely experimental but the crowd had a great time and so did we.

How has the scene changed and developed since the start of your career?

As a kid growing up in Detroit, I never imagined that this music I loved so much would also be loved by people all over the world. And since the scene is always changing, dance music is able to stay fresh and consistently evolve.

You’ve worked with some huge acts across the span of your career, including hip hop royalty like Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z - what collaboration has been a particular highlight for you and why?

There have been so many from Jay-Z, Mary J Blige, Snoop, Will Smith, Michael Jackson, Disclosure, Diplo. Idris Elba, Martinez Bros. Armand Van Helden, and more that it’s impossible to choose. Whether it was a collaboration or a remix, they’re all different and amazing.

You’ve previously worked on both R&B productions and house productions, has there been any scope to go down any other avenue with your sound?

The only limitations I have on my sound are imagination and time constraints, so I usually feel pretty tapping into other genres to help influence my sound.

Your Area10 brand is still as popular as ever having just polished off a season in Ibiza and having recently announced some winter shows, what is it do you think about what you created that makes it so popular?

AREA10 has always been about the music and whether house or techno, I tend to do what feels right. I like to support new dj’s and artists and I always try to collaborate with artists that I personally enjoy.

I especially like putting DJs/artists on the bill when they are new to the scene since it’s a great feeling to nurture and help your friends. When I look back on some of the past shows and tours over the we’ve done in the last few years, it’s crazy to see so many different artists who have participated like Camelphat, Amine Edge & Dance, Route 94, Shadow Child, Solardo, The Martinez Bros, KC Lights, Le Youth, Lee Foss, Anabel Englund, Weiss, Leftwing Kody, Green Velvet, Shiba San, Armand Van Helden and so many more. It makes me happy that I can look at any AREA10 bill and be really proud about putting together that night.

What has been the highlight of your 2019 so far? Is there anything upcoming that you’re still looking forward to?

There have been so many this summer that it’s hard to narrow down to just one. Some of the top ones were my AREA10 Pool Parties, my dates at Pacha with Calvin Harris, my Hi and Ushuaia shows, and my shows at Creamfields. But, if I had to pick one I would probably say by my surprise b2b set with Idris Elba at Hi in Ibiza. That was probably the most fun in recent history.

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How did the recent collaboration with Gorgon City come to happen?

The Gorgon City guys and I have become good friends over the last few years and we’ve been talking about doing a track together for ages. In fact, we almost did one last year, so it was bound to happen. We have similar sensibilities in music and we really like what each other do so it just made sense and was a perfect fit.

How did 'There For You' come to be the track in its final form? How did the collaboration work?

To be honest, since we’re all on the road so much, music is usually made via Dropbox, Box.com or WeTransfer. On top of that, we’re always texting calling or emailing back and forth for ideas on final touches, mixdowns, etc.
I think we’ve all gotten so used to working remotely with each other, it’s almost become second nature now.

How has the track been received when you’ve dropped it?

The reaction has been amazing! People really seem to like it.

We always finish our interviews with a track, what has been your go-to closing track over the summer season?

I’d have to say the go-to track has been '17' this year with bits of 'Back and Forth' as well. It feels like I always have at least one special track each year.

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In Conversation: Marc Kinchen

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