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In Conversation: Murdock

In Conversation: Murdock

Having celebrated a decade since its inception in 2019, it’s safe to say that bass-heavy brand Rampage has well and truly proved its enduring appeal, with more people than ever heading to events attached or associated with the Belgian party starting brand. From humble beginnings at club venues in Antwerp to taking on - and selling out - 6,000 capacity arenas, there’s something about Rampage in particular stand out. What is it that makes a brand dedicated to bass so successful? We picked the brains of Rampage founder and DJ Murdoch to find out. He spoke about the upcoming festival, the longevity of the brand and their associated events and gave an exclusive insight into what to expect for the future...

Last year you celebrated a decade of Rampage, when you started things out, did you ever expect to get to this milestone?

I am not surprised we lasted this long, but I am amazed at the size it now has. When I started Rampage, I had already been promoting loads of parties across the country and I did know it felt like something I was going to keep doing. But I’d never dreamed for this event to grow into what it is today.

What had you set out to do when you started Rampage? 

I am a DJ first and foremost, and throwing parties has always been a way to secure a good spot for myself to play: good production, good staff, great crowd, good vibes… Sometimes when I play elsewhere, the decks aren’t set up right, the setting isn’t right or something else is missing, but when we do an event ourselves, I know everything is going to be top notch. That’s a big part of it. But aside from that, it’s been a way of showcasing and pushing the music that I like. Being able to bring in artists that I think are doing well and repping the genre in a great way, has always been important to me.

Have you hit all the goals of what you set out to do or is there more still to tick off? 

Honestly, all the goals are hit, and had been so quite a while ago. While Rampage keeps growing, new opportunities arise and that’s great, but really, we are way beyond the point I ever thought we’d get to.

You’ve worked with the some of drum and bass’ biggest names, such as Andy C and Wilkinson, was there anyone you were particularly starstruck by?

I’ve been in the game for too long to be starstruck. I have had all the biggest artists at my events for many, many times and played alongside them at other events across the world. But I have to say: Andy C is quite an elusive one, as he usually drives in and out of European gigs so he’s only there for a short period of time. It does make it feel special when he’s about in the backstage haha.  

What can people expect from the Rampage event? 

We aim to blow people’s mind again. Full stop.

The production is something that you’ve always given attention to detail to, is there a model you base this on? 

Not really. My production partner is always on the lookout for new techniques and new input, and he makes sure the production is cutting edge, with little features people haven’t seen before. 

What else goes into making a Rampage party the success that it always is?

We spend a lot of time thinking of how we can make the experience better for our visitors; no waiting anywhere, better surround sound, better security, more lockers, that sort of thing. 

With the event always residing in Belgium, is there any scope for it to take on any other location?

Belgium is a great place for what we do, bringing in people from over 60 countries, since we’re so centrally located and easy to reach. But we have been talking to people in other territories so I can imagine taking Rampage overseas at some point.

Are there any surprises for this year’s edition?

Yes, a very big one. But you’ll have to come down to see it!

We always finish our interviews with a track, what’s a good closing number for a good DnB party? 

If we’re talking Rampage, then one last spin of ‘Start A Rampage’ would be a very good one. If we’re talking afterparty, then I’d say ‘Midnight’ in the Marcus Intalex and ST Files remix!

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In Conversation: Murdock

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