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A Group Chat with: My Nu Leng & MC Dread and Redlight

A Group Chat with: My Nu Leng & MC Dread and Redlight

While Bristol based duo My Nu Leng are among the contemporary heavier electronic greats - their live shows unrivalled with the addition of their favoured lyricist Dread MC - there’s also a deserved crown for Redlight; the DJ and producer responsible for bringing the culture of warehouse raves and underground sounds to the stages of today. These names on a lineup can only mean that one hell of a party is going to go down, with the promise of some eclectic selecting, weighty drops, warbling bass-fuelled sounds and of course, nothing but good vibes.

Such a treat is being offered at the September edition of Forbidden Forest, as each act will be delivering just this in an exciting collaborative set. We jumped on WhatsApp with Jammo and Tommy of My Nu Leng, lyric deliverer Dread MC as well as DJ and producer Redlight before they all take to the same stage for what is expected to be an unmissable back to back and hilarity ensued…

TA: Hi all! Let us know when you’re ready! 😊
Dread MC: I’m ready
Dread MC: Them man will be late 😒
Redlight: Ok lets do this gang gang gang

TA: Okay! So first off, how were your August bank holidays? Busy?
Dread MC: Jam u wanna answer this one
Jammo: Jheeze where do I start
Jammo: Leeds on Friday was incredible, then Sunday main stage SW4 and on to Reading... all some of the biggest shows of the summer
Redlight: Nice
Dread MC: SW4 to Reading via motorbikes for everyone

TA: Motorbikes??? 
Jammo: 🏁
Redlight: What
Redlight: What’s this about
Jammo: ‎

TA: I saw something on your insta story actually Dread, why the motorbikes? Just for fun?
Dread MC: Big man bikes 👌
Dread MC: No we had to get there super quick dodge in and out of dat London carnival weekend traffic

TA: Ah smart!! Did you get matching My Nu Leng biker jackets? 😏
Jammo: We were all scared not gonna lie
Dread MC: We didn’t go that far 😏
Jammo: But was a wicked experience

TA: That’s upsetting
Dread MC: Yo I’m never scared
Jammo: You were shook
Dread MC: 😒
Jammo: ‎

Dread MC: No I was excited
Dread MC: Look at the confidence

TA: Haha, a natural 💅
TA: How has the rest of this summer been for you all?
Dread MC: 

Jammo: The summer has been amazing, feels crazy for it to be coming to a close already
Tommy: Yeah it’s a standard Monday morning after a big weekend which has been this summers theme I think
Dread MC: One of the best summers ever
Redlight: yeh summers been a laugh
Tommy: It’s gone so quick though
Jammo: We still got a cheeky b2b to play before its officially done
Jammo: Then summer is lock off
Redlight: Yeh final rave of the summer
Dread MC: U man got lots of material to drop

TA: Well that’s my next question, what’re you most looking forward to with Forbidden Forest?
Dread MC: Having a mad one
Redlight: Pickin strawberries
Dread MC: All of us together
Redlight: Hugging tommy
Tommy: Haha yeah we’ve done a few b2bs with each other before and it’s always been such a laugh
Tommy: Awwww m8
Redlight: lol
Dread MC: Afterwards it gets emotional
Redlight: Yeh gonna be sick. So many different tunes n styles to play

TA: For those who’ve never seen it happen before, what can people expect from this mighty collab?
Dread MC: 😱😱 some strong language of excitement from me
Jammo: Lots of energy! Just look up at the decks and you'll probably see us jumping around
Jammo: New music!

TA: Ooooh exciting!!
Dread MC: I know tunes will get drawn and the other one will be what the fuck
Dread MC: Ohhhh ohhh new tune yeahhhh
Tommy: Yeah it’s always quite a different one as we start with almost a set idea of ‘let’s do this’ then as the drinks start flowing we end up just playing everything and it all gets a bit mad
Dread MC: 😉

TA: Sounds like so much fun, I can’t wait!
Redlight: Trainer competition is gonna b tight
Redlight: Hands arms jumpin n bangers
Tommy: I was thinking this the other day but then thinking it’s in a forest so gonna have to wear beaters
Dread MC: Jams stomp
Redlight: True. prayin for good weather
Redlight: I was at sundown last nite
Dread MC: It will be blessed
Redlight: N i was thinkin shit
Redlight: Next week is the final rave of the summmmmmerrrrrrr
Dread MC: ⛅🙏🙏
Redlight: It’s gonna be an epic one
Redlight: lol
Dread MC: Then it’s back to the clubs
Dread MC: We got belgium the night before forbidden forest
Redlight: Rave safe kids

TA: Describe how you think the set is going to go down
TA: Using emojis only...
Jammo: 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
Redlight: 👙👢👗
Tommy: 👉🏼👌🏼
Dread MC: Always hype
Dread MC: Wow
Tommy: Hahahaha
Jammo: Ahahaha
Dread MC: These emojis
Dread MC: Jheezee
Tommy: Knew you’d like that mate

TA: You going shopping Redlight ?
Redlight: 😌
Tommy: Spiritual
Redlight: Hahahhaha
Redlight: Oiiiiiiiii 🔊🔊🔊🔊
Dread MC: See how the levels ain’t redlining
Redlight: We’ve got a tracks to finish too
Dread MC: ‎

Tommy: Yeah out to dread with the irrelevant bitmojis always
Jammo: Really?
Redlight: So maybe now’s the time to finish this one
Dread MC: Been waiting for u to do this collab
Jammo: Agreed!
Redlight: Yo dread u need do do a lil vocal on it too
Jammo: Agreed!
Tommy: Yeah we do need to finish that
Dread MC: 😁
Redlight: Why u got a puppy on yr chest
Dread MC: The dread effect as someone said the other night
Dread MC: I like puppies 😒
Redlight: fair
Jammo: What like Lynx but different?
Redlight: Where is forbidden forest
Redlight: ?
Jammo: Loughborough innit
Dread MC: 💥💥💥
Redlight: Tidy
Dread MC: It’s just been getting bigger and bigger every event
Redlight: Wat the 🐶
Tommy: The dread effect
Dread MC: Sound system is decent as well.
Redlight: Sick
Jammo: Yer good vibes at Forbidden
Redlight: Ok bare dubs, bare jokes..

TA: Dread’s already said he’s bringing the Dread effect, but what are you expecting the others to bring to this set?
Redlight: ice cream jungle merch
Redlight: lol
Tommy: 😏
Jammo: Tommy will bring the tracksuits, Redlight will bring Ice Cream
Dread MC: The new design is sick
Tommy: Hahaha
Tommy: We’ll bring the wave and dread will bring the frowning sober face
Jammo: Just saying "Really?!" Over and over
Dread MC: Last festival of the summer
Redlight: No real talk. Tommy, Jammo n Dread will be killin it wid wat they do, I love playin wid em, as we always have a laugh n bring a bag of vibes n forbidden forest will be no different but this time will go ultra hype

TA: 🙌
Jammo: ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Dread MC: Might have a little drink depends on what the afterparty vibes are
Redlight: Woooooooo
Tommy: Chuck some clipz in there?
Redlight: Oioi
Dread MC: Might as well
Dread MC: I haven’t drank much last few shows or in Ibiza even

Redlight: Im in bed mutha fuxers
Jammo: 😂😂
Tommy: Did u set a timer?
Redlight: Yeh
Tommy: Or take it with ur feet
Dread MC: Lucky bastard
Dread MC: 6:30 am wake up I had
Redlight: Yeh same
Redlight: But went back to bed at 9am
Jammo: Yer got really long arms Redlight
Redlight: I took it with my toes
Dread MC: On a real you guys going finish the collab by Friday or have a demo to test out
Redlight: Ok muks
Tommy: I think we could potentially have something playable
Dread MC: Bang bang 💣💣💣
Tommy: Sets on Saturday tho dread
Dread MC: And?

TA: This is exciting! Can’t wait to hear it in the forest 🌳
Redlight: hahahahahhaa
Dread MC: No rest for the wicked

TA: Haha get workin
TA: We’re gonna play a little game, are you ready?
Tommy: Crack on
Dread MC: ‎

Dread MC: Love games
Jammo: Ready
Dread MC: 👀👀

TA: Since a picture is worth 1000 words, I want you to share a pic from your camera roll that really captures what a live set from you guys it like.
First one wins...
TA: Dread - no bitmojis, that’s cheating!!
Redlight: Hahahahaha lol
‎Dread MC: ‎

Dread MC: Did I win
Dread MC: You man are 🧟‍♂

TA: You did!! Not sure what your prize is...
Dread MC: 😒😒
Jammo: ‎

Tommy: ‎

Tommy: That’s actually us lot so
Tommy: Probably wins
Redlight: ‎

Dread MC: Oi oi tommy u smashed it
Redlight: Wavey
Dread MC: You went to the vault and drew out the last b2b and Annie mac presents.
Dread MC: U win
Redlight: Yes
Dread MC: 🏆🏆🏆
Redlight: Winner

TA: 🌟🌟🌟
Dread MC: 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Jammo: 🙏

TA: So, what other acts you looking forward to at this year’s Forbidden Forest?
Jammo: Eli Brown, Bushbaby
Redlight: Eli
Dread MC: Massive line up. Camelphat are killing it. Saw them in Ibiza. But Bushbaby, Sammy Virji and Holy Goof
Tommy: Bushbaby yeah
Tommy: Randall
Dread MC: I can’t remember who else is there
Dread MC: But remember it’s more than double than previous years
Redlight: Goof, Randall
Tommy: Yeah lineup is massive
Dread MC: Actually just looked again
Tommy: Every kinda music too
Dread MC: The line up is nuts
Tommy: Turno always a rowdy set
Dread MC: Some people I ain’t seen in ages like Route 94
Dread MC: Will be good to catch up with people even if I don’t see their set like shadow child and Will Clarke and Sasasas

TA: We’re going to get a little bit personal now 😏
TA: Who would you say is the biggest troublemaker on the road? 
Dread MC: 😅
Jammo: 😝
Dread MC: They could never say it’s me
Tommy: Haha deep
Dread MC: That’s for sure
Dread MC: 😇
Jammo: Ahaa
Dread MC: Hahahaha
Dread MC: Listen it’s between Redlight and Jam
Redlight: Jammo lol... hahaha
Tommy: Jam is the crack on king
Dread MC: Me and Tommy are 🙌🏾

TA: Oh really?
Redlight: I’m hangin up my boots
Jammo: Lies
Dread MC: Hahahaha
Dread MC: Some big ass studded boots
Redlight: Hang on whos drivin back same day
Redlight: Wat times our set
Redlight: Is the world round
Tommy: 9:30-11
Dread MC: Jam even buys a size to big for his feet so can fill em

TA: Amazing
Redlight: Oioiiiiii
Dread MC: No way we staying to party
Tommy: We staying over I think
Dread MC: Come on bro
Redlight: Cough Cough
Dread MC: Don’t leave us up there
Dread MC: I’m bringing connect 4

TA: Dread knows how to bring the party, by the sounds of thing you’re the biggest trouble maker
Dread MC: Really
Tommy: 😂
Dread MC: With connect 4

TA: Connect 4?
TA: Animal!!!
Dread MC: Hahahahaha
Redlight: Savage

TA: I’m actually not even kidding, gets heated with that game!
Redlight: Basically dreads game plan is...
Redlight: Wait till everyone can’t see str8 then whip out the connect
Redlight: N beat everyone
Jammo: I dont play him anymore
Tommy: Nah same
Jammo: Innit
Dread MC: The joke is..... everyone gets a bit competitive with connect 4. Have had some joke at an afters with it especially when we are abroad with other artists
Tommy: I’m done with him
Jammo: Trust
Dread MC: Standard
Dread MC: 😭😭😂😂

TA: You see? That’s how all the arguments start, pure party and banter fuel
Dread MC: Tommy and Jam don’t play anymore. We used to always play Fifa as well and now that’s done with
Dread MC: We never argue really
Redlight: lol
Tommy: Because u fully take advantage and only play when people are drunk
Dread MC: What’s wrong with that
Dread MC: I never told him to drink
Jammo: And u hid a shot you were meant to do once when I scored
Jammo: I'll never let you forget that
Dread MC: You will never forgot that.
Dread MC: 😂😂😂
Jammo: We should move on before this turns into a madness
Tommy: You get mashed down when u play sober people and go all quiet. Soon as u win against someone drunk you turn into a right billy big

TA: Hahahahaha
Redlight: Rite love u lot but im gettin in the shower.. r gigs gonna b rowdy as fux.. bare bants bare bangers lots of arms
Dread MC: Lies
Redlight: N hopefully no rain

TA: I’m dead!! But yeah let’s move on, don’t want to get caught up in your connect 4 arguments
Redlight: Prayin for the sun gods
Dread MC: See u Saturday. Any new hair colour sporting for it.
Redlight: Ha yeh ok
Dread MC: Sun Gods giving us the blessing. If u make the collab
Dread MC: 😃😃😃 weather will be fine

TA: ☀️☀️☀️☀️
TA: What’s the rest of the year looking like for all of you?
Redlight: I can’t release that kind of sensitive information on here
Jammo: Finish summer, last ibiza show, back to the clubs
Jammo: Bring it on!
Dread MC: Ignore all of that
Redlight: I’m in beefs tomorrow
Tommy: Yeah I’m really hyped to get back to clubs actually
Redlight: U guys out there
Jammo: 2 weeks
Dread MC: 18th we are out there
Dread MC: Bless up 😎

TA: You’ve already mentioned new tunes, but what’re your plans for the distant future? Once festival season is up?
Jammo: We’ve got a 4 track EP coming out over the next few months, a new remix soon and then lots of colabs and new weirder music to get finished

TA: 💥
Jammo: Moving in to a new studio soon so ready for a winter of bangers being made
Tommy: Yes yes
Tommy: Excited for the new ep to get out there
Dread MC: Then plan the tour for next year.
Tommy: Our last came out a year ago this weekend gone
Tommy: So getting some fresh stuff out there will be nice

TA: Yes!!
Dread MC: The new things are weighty
Tommy: Redlight might have jumped in shower but his new song is amazing as well
Tommy: Been going off lately so he must be hyped for that one to be coming out
Jammo: Wavey!
Jammo: Big one
Dread MC: He’s close to finishing his album as well he might have it done even. That’s going cause carnage

TA: Well thank you SO much for your time gents, really looking forward to seeing you all at FF! It’s bound to go off! 💥💥💥💥
Dread MC: Big ups.
Jammo: Thank you! Big ups
Tommy: Thank you! Hopefully u got some usable stuff and wasn’t just confusingly watching us chat rubbish to each other 😂

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A Group Chat with: My Nu Leng & MC Dread and Redlight

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