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In Conversation: PBR Streetgang

In Conversation: PBR Streetgang

Elliot Ryder | Features & Interviews

Take Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, add them both together and you have yourself PBR Streetgang; a DJing and producing duo that have endeared themselves to dancefloor refulars in cities up and down the country and beyond. One such city is Leeds, the setting for the pair's now famous Asylum residency which called the city's Mint Club home. This Easter Sunday Bonar and Tom will return to West Yorkshire for the opeing party of their new Lost Property events series with Artwork, Maxxi Soundsytem and Reshy Kate also providing providing the tunes. Ahead of the party, we caught up with the pairing to find out what Lost Property is all about.

Hi Guys, how’ve you been? Enjoying 2016 so far?
TT: We’re doing really well thank you. 2016 has been busy so far – gig wise, we’ve done a fair bit of travelling; Tokyo, Rio, Paris, Berlin, Rotterdam, and Dubai. On the studio front, we’ve just remixed Bryan Ferry, which was fun. Now we’re putting the finishing touches on EP’s for Crosstown Rebels and a new label for Craig Richards. And obviously setting up Lost Property too – busy busy!

You have recently finished your month long residency on Rinse FM. How did this experience compare to how you have approached club residencies in the past?
BB: well it was similar in that we had get two hours new music each week, which is always fun but apart from a couple of shows we also had special guests on each week, so in a way it was like sorting out a club night too! Doing the shows with Maxxi Soundystem meant it was a lot of fun recording them, its always great to play records with your friends.

Your newest venture, Lost Property, is set to make its debut in Leeds this coming Easter Sunday. Can you give us an insight into what Lost Property is all about and how it might differ from parties you have already been a part of?
TT: I think Lost Property has a lot similarity’s to parties we’re done in the past. Our motto has, and always will be, ‘If it’s good music, play it,’ regardless of what genre it is. Asylum was a very eclectic mix of music and acts, we wanted to do something a little different in the city, and Lost Property is aiming to do exactly the same. There’s a lot of promoters showcasing big names in the tech house and techno scene at the moment – mainly because it’s cool. We’re not adopting that policy; we’re aiming to bring back some fun, and soul to the city. The guests will be a mix of friends and hero’s playing alongside us each party.

The first event will be welcoming good friends Artwork and Maxxi Soundsystem to provide the party soundtrack along with yourselves. Will the theme of playing alongside friends be a common theme throughout the rest of the series?
BB: Yeah as Tom mentioned, It will certainly be people we respect and admire, but also we hope to bring people who have yet to play in Leeds or play very rarely to give people something a little different.

Lost Property Flyer

The Easter Sunday party will be taking place in the intimate surroundings of Wire, Leeds. Will further events in the Lost Property series be sticking to this style of club were it is very up close and personal with the DJs?
BB: Yes completely, we love small intimate spaces, its great to get back to that vibe now and again.

Where else will future Lost Property parties be taking place following the opening party in Leeds?
TT: We’re just finalising a venue for the London shows. It’s going to be a similar design model; small, intimate venue with friends joining us on the decks. The place we have in mind is really amazing!

Why did you choose Leeds as the starting place for the events series?
TT: Leeds has one of the strongest clubbing community’s out there. It always has and hopefully always will. We’ve been part of that for many years now, so it really is our true home. The standards are high and competition is fierce, so if we can make it work up here, then we have a chance of making it work anywhere!

PBR Streetgang press shot

Leeds played a big part in the early part of your career which saw you DJ regularly for Asylum whilst it was at the Mint Club. How do you think the clubbing landscape in Leeds has developed since you first joined the DJing circuit in the city?
BB: In many ways its changed a lot, new venues, lots more bars opening, were old enough to have been DJ'ing before the smoking ban came in and the general late licenses! Theres also been lot of new promoters and DJs come through the city and do really well. But in a more general view Leeds hasn’t really changed much at all, it's still a city that love to go out, has some great parties and a thriving scene that still punches way above its weight :)

Away from DJ’ing and throwing parties you have been behind a number of party starting tracks with including last year’s Whiplash EP. Are we likely to hear any new production coming out of studio from you in the near future or will Lost Property be the main focus?
BB: No we’ve been pretty busy (as Tom said), we have releases coming out on Crosstown Rebels,  Futureboogie, 2020Vision and Craig Richards’ new Label ’Ship To Shore’ this year.  Also we’ve just finished remixing Bryan Ferry so watch this space !!

Thanks for talking to us guys, best of luck with the lost property series!

Lost Property goes deep into the Wire basement Sunday March 27th for its opening party. Tickets on sale now.

Interview by Elliot Ryder
Photos courtesy of Backroom Entertainment

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In Conversation: PBR Streetgang

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