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In Conversation: PBR Streetgang

In Conversation: PBR Streetgang

Almost a decade since the beginning of their musical endeavor and PBR Streetgang can certainly confidently say that they’ve reached some milestones in their career. Sharing DJ booths with absolute legends like Ricardo Villalobos and DJ Jazzy Jeff? Check! Releasing a full length LP in collaboration with their friends? Check! That same LP being met with more than warm receptions? Check! Being able to start a party wherever they are? Double check - well what else is to be expected from a DJing duo that came up with their collective concept on the infamous partying Isle of Ibiza? We joined the Leeds duo for a quickfire chat ahead of their set alongside Sasha and Alan Fitzpatrick for The Move’s Warehouse Special…

For those unfamiliar with PBR, how would you describe yourselves?

Very tough question to answer believe it or not, how about ‘two guys who love listening, collecting and playing all kinds of music’?

After almost a decade on the scene, you released a full length LP - Late Night Party Line - this year, what made you decide to take to the studio after so long?

We’ve been making and releasing music for nearly 10 years but the time never felt right for an album until now. In our kind of world, it’s not that important to release in an album format for lots of reasons, so the decision to do it was a personal one – simply that the timing felt right.

How do your focuses and energy differ from live to the studio? Do you find you each have certain strengths in each?

We enjoy the art of DJing so much, but we both have different energies and approaches to all things musical that makes for a good combination when we’re together, both in the studio and playing out.

In the album you collaborated with the likes of Danielle Moore of Crazy P and Mattie Safer from The Rapture - what secured your collaboration choices for this particular project?

The aim was always to involve friends, musical influences and heroes of ours to the project. We’ve been very close to Dani and the Crazy P crew for a long time, so that was a no brainer. And regarding Mattie, we’re simply big fans of his. When creating the track ‘Everything Changes’, even before it was called that, we had a clear idea of Mattie singing on it. So we took a punt and asked him to be involved, lucky for us he agreed.

How have tracks from the EP been received live?

When we’ve played the tracks out during our DJ sets, the reactions have been great in so many different places which is a really special feeling.

You’re headed to The Move’s Warehouse Special this bank holiday alongside Sasha, tell us a bit about how Sasha may have influenced you both musically?

It’s a big one! We, like most DJ’s in the UK and beyond, hold Sasha in huge regard - if not, they should do! He’s pretty much single handedly shaped club culture in this country. He’s still a key figure in electronic dance music, someone who’s been on top of their game for nearly thirty years now – he’s had an influence on all of us.

You’ve played for The Move before - tell us a bit about what makes their parties worthy of returning.

Simply, they are good people. From Lee who runs it, to the excellent residents Pete Bromley and Matt Erst, and to the whole crew that we’ve met there. Our belief has been, if you want a happy career, then work with the people you like - it’s one of our mottos.

What are you most excited about for this Warehouse Special?

Where do we start... This party has all the right ingredients: good honest promoters, amazing venue, and a 15 year home coming for Sasha – we’re on for a cracker!

What do you make of Stoke’s clubbing scene in general? How does it compare with other cities?

It’s always been great when we’ve played there. It’s probably not easy being a smaller city close to such vibrant places like Manchester as the smaller satellite places can struggle these days. That’s why we have the utmost respect for Lee, he’s doing an amazing job – hats off.

What does the rest of 2018 hold for PBR? Any more studio time in the diaries?

Lots! We’re always busy when we’re not on the road and we have something new coming in September, so watch this space...

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In Conversation: PBR Streetgang

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