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In Conversation: Popof

In Conversation: Popof

Having emerged from the enigmatic world of minimal, Popof can now be found applying his signature touch to releases on heavyweight house imprints such as Hot Creations. The Parisian producer and DJ has since released his Love Somebody LP on the label, featuring tracks that have gone on to be remixed by the likes of Kerri Chandler and Carl Cox. Ahead of Popof’s upcoming appearance for Familia at Egg, London July 9th alongside Italojohnson, we caught 5 minutes with the man himself to get the inside scoop on the new record.

Familia flyer with Italojohnson & Popof

Hi Alexandre, how are you?
Hello! I’m very well, thank you. I’m quite impatient for the week-end to come, after having spent a very relaxing week.

You recently released your LP Love Somebody on Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations imprint. The label is by far one of the most in demand in the world when it comes to electronic music. How does it feel to be part of its family?
It’s for me a real honour to be part of this imprint. It’s a label I am particularly fond of, music-wise and on a human basis too, as the persons involved in Hot Creations are generally awesome human beings.

Can you tell us a bit about your approach when making the album?
I came up with about thirty tracks, some of which were made in collaboration with my vocalist, Arno Joey. Then I sent some to Hot Creations, who responded very positively. So, afterwards we all sat together and selected the 11 most coherent tracks for the album.

The third single from the LP is out on June 3rd. Lidl Girl features vocals from Arno Joey and has a strong remix package with Kerri Chandler, Magda, Carl Cox, Shaun Reeves and Tuccillo appearing. How do these guys relate to you as an artist?
I pretty much know or am acquainted with all of them and we’ve got nothing but professional and human respect towards each other.

Do you have a favourite out of all the remixes?
Tough question! Honestly I like them all! Every single of them reflects the artists’ unique personal touch, there is not one I dislike. The remixes appeal to all tastes and I really, really love that.

Previous to these more recent releases you were known for fronting a more minimal and techno sound and you already have a string of great EPs on labels like Cocoon and Soma. What caused the shift?
The shift was simply caused by my urge, at the time, to do something different. I’ve always made music according to my impulses or my mood du jour, without trying to adjust to one genre in particular. That’s why my tracks sound so different.

Have you completely left your old sound behind or will it still appear during your performances or on future releases?
I certainly have not left my “old” sound behind. As a matter of fact, I’m currently working on minimal tracks. They sound a bit like some work I’ve done previously, but with a more modern aspect to them, sprinkled with a bit of house music. And I’m a fan of playing this genre during my live performances as well.

Your record label Form Music has been releasing records since 2009. Is this still very much associated with minimal/techno genres? Do you have any releases coming soon you can tell us about?
Well, our latest release was none other than Julian Jeweil’s new EP “Destination” – three very dancefloor tracks plus a remix by Animal & Me, who’s a phenomenal new talent so… Something huge’s coming your way for sure!

Looking at what you’ve got lined up over summer things look very exciting. You have dates at both DC10 and Space for both Paradise and for Carl Cox, who has just begun his final ever residency at the club. Has the island had much influence on you throughout your life?It is quite obvious that Ibiza is unique! It’s a mandatory passage in a DJ’s life. Everything that happens on the island has influenced me throughout my life.

Another exciting party you’ve got coming up is Familia at EGG in London. You will play on the ground floor with Italojohnson upstairs on the terrace. Have you played at the club before?
I actually have recently, I love the new EGG! The vibe’s always festive there and they greet you so warmly. I can’t wait to be there!

We hope you have a great summer Alexandre. Have fun!

Interview by Josh Plews
Photos courtesy of NGE - Popof

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In Conversation: Popof

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