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In Conversation: Saffron Stone

In Conversation: Saffron Stone

Fresh from a very different trip to Ibiza we caught up with Stone about how much life has changed on the White Isle, all the exciting things that have happened musically during lockdown and her future aspirations

Ever since making her debut on Sonny Fodera's Solotoko imprint in March last year Saffron Stone has repeatedly showcased her exciting talent. Over the past 12 months the Londoner has continued her rise, becoming the leading lady behind the decks for all of the Solotoko shows, as well as gaining prestigious fans of her remixing talents.

Fresh from a very different trip to Ibiza we caught up with Stone about how much life has changed on the White Isle, all the exciting things that have happened musically during lockdown and her future aspirations.

Stone has been coming to Ibiza for several years but this time she decided to do things rather differently.

“I was out there for just over a month and it's the first time I've done that,” she said. “It was the first living experience there I guess. Usually I’m just in and out, playing a gig, partying for a few days and then leaving.”

Stone was still full of energy as she entered lockdown and admitted going to Ibiza was the perfect remedy after spending so much time working on new collaborations and doing lots of live streams.

“Actually it was more the break I needed from a mental three months in my studio,” she explained.

“It was nice to reset and enjoy the island.”

The clubbing landscape has changed exponentially in places like Ibiza since the coronavirus pandemic. Smaller open-air venues like Ibiza Rocks and Blue Marlin have taken centre stage whilst the big super clubs including Amnesia, Hi and Pacha closed their doors.

When she was asked to play at Ibiza Rocks Stone confessed it was a welcome surprise.

“It was a wicked feeling to get behind the decks again because I have missed it,” she added.

“It was nice to play for a crowd. I played my release 'All Over Again' which everyone was brainwashed with so that was fun.”

So many artists have encouraged people to visit Ibiza this summer despite the contrasting experience on offer for clubbers.

Although there haven’t been any shows held in the UK or abroad for months live streams have been hugely popular with just about every act getting involved.

This decision by artists to host their own parties online has been welcomed with open arms by clubbers according to Stone.

“Everyone has been very appreciative,” she continued. “I was receiving messages from people showing their gratitude for my performances and saying how my music had saved them during lockdown.”

During Stone’s time in Ibiza her latest single ‘All Over Again’ has been causing a storm amongst her peers.

The track has enjoyed such an amazing reception since its release a month ago and the London-based artist has been delighted with the reaction.

“When I saw Dennis Ferrer playing it I was astounded,” she said. “He is a legend.

“The reaction from Mistajam has been incredible as well. I think he has played it like five times as well now. I’ve never had that before.

“He has even been singing along to it on the radio so he must like it.”

These types of moments will be ingrained in an artist’s memory for the rest of their lives. When a hero of the scene like Ferrer is loving your song it sends a pretty clear message that you are moving in the right direction.

Stone explained how mental it was to see someone like Ferrer showing such admiration for her record.

“Seeing his bass face after it drops was crazy,” she added. “It’s definitely a moment I won’t forget.

“Things like this haven’t happened before in my career. It’s great when people like that who are respected artists and great producers appreciate what I’m doing.”

When asked about future aspirations Stone was eager to outline her plans for an album. This year has been about continuing to raise her profile whilst working on a body of work which she can be proud of.

“This year I’ve been focusing on releasing really good singles, putting my name out there more and more,” she added.

“Hopefully at some point next year we should have a Saffron Stone album which will be incredible. I need to make time for an album because that would be wicked.”

Stone also has another talent besides music and that is playing cupid. She is the very reason why Fodera and his wife are happily married.

The whole situation came about when Stone was out with one of her friends, who just so happens to be one of the biggest house artists to grace the scene.

“I was out with my friend Mark Kinchen and I told him that my sister was coming along and asked if he had a friend so we could all meet up,” she continued.

“Mark said he would bring Sonny and I didn’t even know him at this point which was like five or six years ago.

“My sister and Sonny both turned up and they instantly hit it off. Now they are married and have two kids.”

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In Conversation: Saffron Stone

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