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In Conversation: Sam Supplier

In Conversation: Sam Supplier

Andrew Kemp | Features & Interviews

Sam Supplier has been immersed in music for as long as he can remember, first making his steps into the industry as a notorious pirate radio DJ back in his teens. Now a member of the Champion Records team thanks to new single “Night & Day”, the Rinse FM star has risen through the house ranks with impressive speed, earning bookings at the festivals all across Europe this summer. With a busy August set to be bookended with shows at both Moondance Festival and Ministry of Sound, Sam is a man in demand, so we were happy to tie him down for a little while as we chatted about his roots, upcoming shows and the sterling new summer anthem.

Hi Sam, you’ve had a busy summer so far, and it looks set to continue with sets at Moondance and BPM Presents The Carnival After Party still to come. How excited are you for the next month or so?
I've had the busiest summer of my career to date by far. I literally have been in another country every single week for the last two months, and then a load of UK festivals in between. It's been amazing and the next two months are looking just as mad with Portugal, Malia, Spain, France and two dates in Ibiza all set to go... I’m feeling like the luckiest guy on earth at moment if I'm honest!! 

You’ll be stepping up at Moondance Festival in Trent Park on Sunday 6th August, alongside the likes of some dance music legends like X-Press 2, Terry Francis, LTJ Bukem and more. How well do you know the other artists appearing?
I actually don't know any of those artists you’ve mentioned at all... I'm a couple of generations behind them, although there are actually quite a few artists at Moondance Festival that I used to listen to in headphones on my way to school, so I'm looking forward to hearing them. I'm headlining the VIP stage and it’s the only set of the day playing my style of house so it's defo going to fully go offfff.. Can't wait!

Would you say that signing for Champion represents a significant step in your career so far?
Ohhhh massively for sure! I've always had to do everything myself previously, promoting my music and getting it out there to people. Now, the guys at Champion have different teams in place working all different angles for my debut single. It's a total game changer for me.. I'm really excited!

The label has been operating for three decades now. Have you got any favourite releases from their back catalogue?
Champion Records is iconic! Robin S 'Show Me Love' and Faithless 'Insomnia' are two of the biggest records of our generation, not to mention the huge success Dido had with them! But my personal favourite is 'Break For Love' by Raze. There's actually talks of me revamping that track maybe – watch this space! Haha

How has “Night & Day” been received so far when you’ve played it out?
I’ve literally played the track EVERY set all summer. It’s going down sooo sick, and it's now at the stage when I can see people really starting to sing along to it! It's getting bigger and bigger every week.

The track sounds like a tailor made summer anthem. How did you go about writing it?
I'd love to tell you it just happened after a day in the studio and ended up that way, but it didn't… I literally wanted to make a track that people would love on the their summer holidays, and a track that would just remind them of summer time with pure vibes. 

You’ve got a residency on Rinse FM, one of the country’s most important radio stations. Were you an avid listener before you got your own show?
No not really. I was doing different pirate radio stations for years, then one day I got arrested while I was DJing on one in a tower block, just trying to promote my music.

‘Cos I'd done so much pirate radio, I was told that if I was caught ever again I would do two years in jail! (I mean, what a liberty for just trying to promote your music). Then a month later, Rinse FM got given a licence to broadcast, luckily I was good friends with the owner, Gee, so it all kinda fell into place.

Your Rinse profile suggests that you earned your stripes as a DnB MC back in the 90s, then moving on into UK garage and house. Do those scenes still interest you, or would you say you’ve drifted towards a new sound in recent years?
I was literally 15 years old, doing radio shows and trying to sneak into raves just to create a name for myself. It's all I've ever wanted to do. But yeah, I have progressed through the scenes as it's evolved and stayed relevant. I feel I've completely found my feet in the house scene. 

You’re known for bringing an infectious energy to your performances; how do you maintain this energy over the course of a busy tour?
Haha everyone asks me that same question, even my mates! I just love to perform – I live for it. I'll put the same effort and enthusiasm in whether I’m playing to 400 people or 4000. I live on power naps.. that's my trick. I can literally sleep anywhere. I'll fall asleep on any plane before it takes off and then wake up the min the wheels touch down the other side.

Let’s talk tracks: If you had the chance to choose an artist to remix any track, who would you pick and what would be their source material?
Ohhh wow, this is probably the hardest question of the lot. I reckon I could turn a couple of them classic Mariah Carey tracks into sick, new-age house tracks. But if I had her in my studio I'm not how much work I'd get done!

Sam Supplier plays at Moondance Festival on Sunday 6th August at the picturesque Trent Park. He will also be in London at the end of the month for a set at Ministry of Sound, for BPM Presents The Carnival After Party on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August.

Photo courtesy of Sam Supplier

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In Conversation: Sam Supplier

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