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A Group Chat with: SaSaSaS

A Group Chat with: SaSaSaS

There’s not many in the drum and bass scene that hold as big of a reputation as SaSASaS do. The first ever of its kind, the collective have formed a supergroup of DJs and MCs that’s proved so successful that they’ve taken their unparalleled live shows across the globe, serving a unique brand of bass to diehard fans. This September, Forbidden Forest joins the list in one of the many stages hosting these party starters, as the group bring their drum and bass amongst the trees alongside the likes of MK, Camelphat, My Nu Leng b2b Redlight, Eli Brown and so much more.

We jumped on a group chat on Whatsapp to chat to Phantasy, Harry Shotta, Macky Gee and Skibadee about all things SaSaSaS and DnB, which proved to not only be insightful, but also just as chaotic as their live presence…

TA: So! SaSaSaS began from a one off b2b2b2b2b, it’s now the first supergroup in DnB! What triggered the decision to carry it on?
Harry Shotta: I think it was the general reaction we got from the first set leading into the set we did at West Fest. People couldn’t get enough of it which is mad for us as we didn’t sit down and put together some master plan, it all just happened really organically.

Harry Shotta: I always say the people have the last say and it was really due to public demand that we decided to carry on
Phantasy: That’s the key, organically. This wasn’t a big super plan, it was just 6 mates, all on stage together, having the time of our lives. And that came across to the people there partying with us.

TA: Some of the best things happen organically!
Phantasy: As Harry Shotta just said, it’s the people who go and party who decide what’s hot and what’s not, so we thank them for their love and support ❤💙

TA: There’s a lot of supporters for sure! But for anyone not familiar with what you guys do, how would you describe yourselves?
Phantasy: Well I’m the cute one 😂😂😂
Phantasy: Hahaha
Macky Gee: 😂😂😂
Phantasy: I think I should delete that

TA: Hahaha!
Phantasy: Hahahaha

TA: How about using emojis only? 😏
Phantasy: The best way to describe us.....
Phantasy: 💯🎶🔥
Skibadee: 😓😩😂
Phantasy: Hahaha I was wondering where u were haha
Macky Gee: Energetic, fun and smelly
Phantasy: 😂😂
Harry Shotta: To me SASASAS is a group of friends who have all worked with each other in the past and who come together with an energy and vibe that can’t really be copied or bottled. It’s all about vibes and energy really
Skibadee: Lol
Phantasy: Yea I agree with Harry Shotta
Macky Gee: You can clearly see that on stage too
Phantasy: I always remember DJ Hype saying to me, it’s difficult to come on after you as it’s just this wall of energy with top mcs on top of it. I took that as a nice compliment from a legend like Hype 🙏🏼
Skibadee: When we perform the arena gets rammed when we finish it always seems to filter out a bit

TA: That is a massive compliment, but not surprising in the slightest
Harry Shotta: I actually really enjoy working with the guys on stage but we have such a laugh and a lot of banter on the road too, no one takes themselves too seriously and although we are all competitive there’s no egos
Harry Shotta: I think that’s key
Phantasy: Agreed. It’s like a family 🙏🏼
Macky Gee: Plenty of football talk too
Macky Gee: Which I really enjoy
Harry Shotta: Macky loves the football talk

TA: ⚽️⚽️⚽️
Skibadee: 😂

TA: How did you cope potentially missing World Cup matches because of your schedule?!
TA: Or did you make time haha?
Macky Gee: I coped really well tbh
Skibadee: Phantasy found a way to catch the majority of it tbh

TA: I’ll bet!
Macky Gee: He actually was in the cockpit with the pilot speaking to air traffic control to get the latest info

TA: That’s incredible! And surely fits in with your plans for a rave on a plane!?! Did you put in a good word?
Phantasy: Hahahah by any means necessary 😂😂
Harry Shotta: I got away with an illegal rave on the London Underground but I think doing that on a plane would be pushing our luck lol
Phantasy: That plan is proving more difficult to pull off them we originally thought but it’s not dead in the water 
Phantasy: Hahah

TA: ✈️🎉
Skibadee: I noticed Stormzy took a whole plane load to he’s bday so it’s not impossible really 🙌🏽😂

TA: Haha I saw that, looked like it went off! Airport security might be a bit of a mood killer though 🙊
Phantasy: He never had a rave on it. Just took them all away for a holiday. What a legend

TA: Do you guys have a particularly mental onstage moment you can pinpoint?
Skibadee: I would say there was a moment before our set last year at west fest that was pretty crazy n surreal to me, the arena seemed n was confirmed as being the busiest it’s ever been at west fest in all its years of being on. The crowd were just all up for it, goes down as one of the best sets for me personally
Harry Shotta: Rampage is always monumental for us too
Skibadee: 🙌🏽
Harry Shotta: I think our Perth show in Australia was incredible too
Harry Shotta: We’ve definitely had some moments
Skibadee: Too many good ones
Harry Shotta: Which happens to be Macky Gees album title 😂😂😂 go get that
Phantasy: For me, them moment when Stormin got the all clear. The way we celebrated on stage was a moment in time I’ll never forget. RIP our brother Stormin 💙🙏🏼
Phantasy: But as the lads say, there are so many great moments that are created every time we step on stage
Harry Shotta: Lots of great memories for sure

TA: You’re headed for Forbidden Forest this Sep, what’re you looking forward to most there?
Harry Shotta: I’ve heard rumours the Blair Witch is gonna be there, I’ve always admired her so looking forward to getting acquainted

TA: Ahaha! No honestly that film still gives me nightmares 😢
Harry Shotta: 😂😂😂
Macky Gee: I’m with Harry on that one
Harry Shotta: Thought you would be
Harry Shotta: Nah seriously the festival looks sick
Harry Shotta: Really looking forward to it

TA: Pretty cool location for a festival though! Middle of a woods 🌳🌳
Harry Shotta: Yeah the location looks wicked!!!

TA: We’re going to play a quick game are you ready?
Macky Gee: Ready
Skibadee: Yep
Harry Shotta: Cool

TA: I want you to share a picture from you camera roll that you feel really defines SaSaSaS, first one wins...
TA: Go!
Macky Gee:

Harry Shotta

Harry Shotta: Mackys won already lol
Macky Gee: Sorry that’s my pet hippo I meant to sent the one Harry sent

TA: Okay Macky, you’re going to have to explain 1) what that means and 2) why you have that in your camera roll?! 😂😂
TA: You still win though 🙌😂
Skibadee: ‎Sorry Steve 😂

Harry Shotta: ‎If we're going in random 

TA: What is going on hahaha
Macky Gee: Ok football talk
Harry Shotta: 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Skibadee: ‎

TA: Yes Skibadee !! Big up LFC ❤️
Macky Gee: One thing I do know is Chelsea’s kit looks the best
Phantasy: Hahaha
Skibadee: Booooooooom looool
Harry Shotta: Phantasy don’t wanna talk about football, he’s running scared this season
Skibadee: Loooool
Phantasy: Yea yea
Phantasy: I need you to transfer that £100 for the bet you lost last season. Want my bank details 😂😂
Harry Shotta: Swiftly moving on.......
Phantasy: That’s it
Skibadee: lol

TA: Feel like I’m caught in the middle here haha
Phantasy: The group is ruined now you’ve brought football into it 😂
Phantasy: Yep
Phantasy: You started it
Macky Gee: I’m glad you’ve experienced my pain
Phantasy: Now u need to suffer haha
Skibadee: This is what it’s like in a daily in our group
Phantasy: 😫😂🎊🎉
Skibadee: Had to mute the group
Phantasy: Hahahah
Skibadee: 😩😂
Harry Shotta: I’m the voice of reason though, I only deal in facts

TA: Ooooh it’s all coming out now! Muting the SaSaSaS group chat!
Phantasy: That’s why you miss important things like The postcode to an event 😂😂
Phantasy: 😂😂😂

TA: Oh no!!! 🙈
Phantasy: Unsure the group now😂😂
Skibadee: ‎
Phantasy: 😂😅😅
Phantasy: Anyway. Next question...
Harry Shotta: Best just to ask the next question 😊
Skibadee: 🙌🏽

TA: Haha!
TA: What do you think it is about DnB that keeps fans keen? Such a massive resurgence right now!
Skibadee: I’d say it has a lot to do with it being accessible at a young age, most of the kids nowadays have parents that were or are into dnb. There are plenty of 16plus events that cater for that market. By the time they are old enough to rave, they are more than ready
Harry Shotta: I honestly don’t think you can beat the energy of DNB in a live environment, it absolutely goes off every time & im a massive fan of loads of other music but Drums just has this vibe and energy that creates such an excitement in the crowd

TA: Agreed 👌
Harry Shotta: Also, there’s been an injection of loads of new producers and MCs bringing new styles and sounds which keeps the scene fresh and exciting
Phantasy: There is no need there music on earth like Drum n Bass. The energy it brings, the vibe, the different styles... and it’s worldwide appeal. What I love most about it is, it’s something we created, we created it here in the UK and expired it worldwide. Now there are DnB artists from all over the world and most importantly, DnB supporters all over the world. Look at Tomorrowland, all the different flags from all corners of the globe, I could hear skiba naming counties of the flags he could see, love that. And also, Drum n Bass is also a great introductory music to young producers trying to make their way in the music industry. It’s a very accepting scene where it embraces new artists all the time. Also, it’s a music that young people get into as an introduction into club or festival life. You just can’t beat Drum n Bass for what it brings to the music industry. We’re happy that after all these years, people are seeing its value and we will keep flying that flag and representing the music as best we can across the world

TA: 👏👏👏
TA: Do you prep for your shows at all? How do you keep them from getting too chaotic?
Skibadee: We take into account the core audience which differs depending on type of event really
Harry Shotta: We try to prep too much as it’s the spontaneous vibe that makes it different too structured
Macky Gee: We prep our shows when it comes to performing, but most of the time we just go with the flow cuz we find the chemistry is so much better between us all the one time we properly structured our set it lost its natural vibe and everything not that you could notice from a crowd perspective.
Harry Shotta: Not too structured

TA: How do you prepare mentally? Do any of you have anything you do before you hit the stage?
Phantasy: When the guys are saying prep, what they mean is. For rampage, where we had the whole light show with the intro, we of course needed to prepare for that. But in general, we just go where the vibe takes us. All dependent on the audience in front of us.
Harry Shotta: In terms of preparing mentally I’m always quite focused before we go on, I like to check a bit of the set before to see what the crowd is reacting to and get an idea of what we need to do to give them the best show possible. I don’t really get nervous anymore, but I still get an adrenaline rush and can’t wait to get on the stage every time we do shows
Harry Shotta: Champagne seems to create a nice little vibe among the team backstage too, I think that’s a crucial element of the mental preparation too 😆

TA: Haha! 
Phantasy: Haha
Phantasy: Our focus is just making sure we entertain the people who’ve came out to have a great time

TA: Well thanks for your time guys, this had been insightful to say the least! 😂
TA: Have a great rest of summer!! ☀️
Harry Shotta: Thank you!!!
Phantasy: Thank you

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A Group Chat with: SaSaSaS

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