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In Conversation: Super Flu

In Conversation: Super Flu

Andrew Kemp | Features & Interviews

Some couples just fit together, as must be the case for German production duo Felix Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz, who have been paired up as Super Flu for well over over a decade. Pooling their brain power to make techy house jams drenched in soul, the jovial pair have found that rare balance between hard work and play, as they’ll be showing when they head to Egg London next month. Admiring and envious of their lighthearted productivity, we thought we’d join them in conversation and go digging for the secret to their 13 years of success.

Hello chaps, seems like you’re going through exciting times at Super Flu HQ. How have things been these last few months?
Our favourite football team “SV Merseburg 99” is leading the 10th German league. Felix’ burger joint is really in demand and Mathias became a dad for the second time in February. Things couldn’t be better.

Your third LP Musik 3 will be released in June, and you’ve suggested on Facebook that though it’s as “joyful” as previous releases, the record shows “a deeper understanding of the music”. Can you elaborate a little on what you mean?
A lot has changed since we released our 2nd album. In 2016 we played 120 gigs, and we wanted to let the important emotional moments from out DJ sets flow into the album. It was also very important for us to go more into the depth, to put our pop background on the side while keeping our signature. That was maybe the biggest challenge while producing “Musik 3”. And we are very happy with the result.

A previous post on Facebook last month also showed you in a pretty sweet little home studio as the final touches were added to the album. How important is your physical environment when making music?
We are both more of the familial kind. That’s why we live in Halle (Saale), a small city in the east of Germany. Here we have all we need, an airport, a train station, a car rental shop and most important of all, our family and friends. The studio is in our granddad Opa Herbert’s house, and he always makes us potato soup when we are there. We know the bass must be good when the soup vibrates on the plate.

Like previous efforts, the new album will be coming out on your own label, Monaberry. Can you tell us a little bit about some of the other artists to have released on your imprint?
Bebetta, andhim and Viktor Talking Machine’s two sisters are our label homies. These three acts along with us form the artist root of the label. There are of course more artists that release or remix on Monaberry, but these three acts have been working with us constantly over the last years and are also good friends of us.

You guys have been making music together for 13 years now, which is an impressively long time; how have you not got bored of each other?
You can’t find a recipe for that. Communication and honesty are the two pillars that we stand on. But our hobby, synchronized swimming, also played its part. Besides we are practically married, and a divorce would be very expensive! None of us could afford that with the bad fees that are paid in this business.

Thirteen years down the line, have you had to adapt the way you embrace partying and the DJ lifestyle?
It more or less feels the same as always. But one thing we can say for sure, with almost 40 you can definitely not drink as much beer as you can in your early 20’s. To spend the day after with a hangover in an airport is a huge no-go.

You’re playing in London at the end of the month, as part of Egg London night Promised Land Respect your history. Are you likely to play a more reflective set than usual given the ‘history’ theme?
We’re gonna do it as always, go to the club, check the sound system, look how the people are feeling and then try to take them on a journey with us.

What’s your impression of Egg? Have you played there before?
We were actually at Egg 5 years ago. To be honest our memory of that night is a bit blurred. The gin tonic must have been very good ;>

And what about the year ahead? Tell us what you’ve got planned for the rest of 2017.
Our next big project will be in mid July. We will perform our tracks together with the Mannheimer Philharmonic Orchestra as a classic concert. For October we are planning the remixes of our album. Other then that our plans are touring and watching football.

And finally, in keeping with the Super Flu theme… say you’re bedridden with a particularly weighty bout of said illness; what track can we put on to immediately lift your spirits and nurse you back to health?
Michael Jackson – Heal The World

Super Flu play at Egg London’s Promised Land on Sunday 30th April, alongside a star lit cast of Sandy Rivera, Marshall Jefferson and more.

Photo courtesy of Super Glue

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In Conversation: Super Flu

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