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In Conversation: tINI

In Conversation: tINI

Jonathan Coll | Features & Interviews

Hailing from Munich, Germany, tINI's musical upbringing was far removed from the underground nightspots she currently calls home. “The younger generations [in Munich] seem less interested in this type of music. There’s culture, but in a slightly different way. I can’t say too much more because I’m not there too often.” She began DJing in clubs at a relatively young age, filling her record bag with tracks that moved increasingly along the electronic spectrum. The club scene in Munich was slightly more bustling than what it is today, but an ambitious young DJ will always be looking for more. Such ambition has taken her across the world during the first half of 2018 alone. After taking in Epizode Festival in Vietnam, a South American tour followed, taking in eleven shows in under three weeks. “It was a mind-blowing tour. And I had my first tINI and the Gang in New York, which was absolutely bananas!”

Her tINI and the Gang parties are the stuff of Ibiza legend, and her versatility behind the decks has earned a legion of devoted followers. tINI describes her own style as “groovy; somewhere between house and techno. A sound which is as much for the boys as for the girls.” Her ability to oscillate between the two means she’s just as comfortable playing the main room of Resistance as she is playing downtempo tunes by the beach. But that’s not to say she doesn’t know her own strengths “if play a two or three-hour set; I always aim for the less commercial music, music that you haven’t heard before. From deeper sounds to housier tracks from the nineties.” Across all styles and genres of music, the one thing you can always be sure to hear is “the tINI groove”. You’ll know it when you hear it.

Her own releases have been relatively few and far between for someone so established. But that could be about to change. She has her own label on the horizon, which will premiere records from herself and from artists who’ve caught her ear from around the world. “You’ll find tonnes of tracks that will be landing on my label in my sets. One of which will be Bodler, from Argentina. He’ll release on the label, and his is one of my favourite records now. There’s four tracks coming out, and the pick up has been really good.” tINI says “The label will open with one of my own releases, which is quite rare. I go to the studio a lot but don’t release much. But the label will feature three tINI tracks as well as a Mr.G remix, which I’m really happy about. There will be a release from a good Romanian friend of mine, which you will hear more about soon. People from all around the world, which is really beautiful.” Having her own platform on which to release music will, fortunately, mean we hear a lot more from tINI “I have enough tracks ready for a couple of releases, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist so things can take forever! I am playing a lot of my own tracks at the moment, and I always know when they’re ready to release after testing them in a club. When I release them, I want them to be exactly right.”

The label is dubbed Part of the Gang Records, and we can expect the label and the party to hold a mirror up to one another. “I plan on at least four releases per year, it’ll be a label version of what the party is like, with no restrictions and everybody welcome.”
Stepping away briefly from the turntables, tINI has typically ambitious and exciting plans for her own parties. tINI and the Gang is already one of the continent’s favourite institutions, making headline news during disputes with the Ibiza authorities and wider discussions around the future of clubbing on the island. But pushback from the police hasn’t prevented her from making new and ambitious plans. The parties at NoName may be no more, but tINI and her Gang have evolved and thrived. “The biggest change has been moving from the beach to the club. But back at the start we would often be by the beach for the daytime and move into a club for the night, so it wasn’t totally new. “The setting may have changed but the ethos remains the same, and tINI is unequivocal about what helped to keep the original spirit alive. “The people. The people are in love with the vibe, the idea and the concept of tINI and the Gang. Underground is not a well-known club where people randomly walk in, people know what they’re coming for. I was concerned that people might get bored of it, but we have such a loyal and beautiful following.” This is a following which now stretches far beyond Ibiza itself, with recent shows in Paris, London and New York strengthening tINI’s following.

tINI’s Gang has grown even larger with the introduction of Maricas and the Gang; a club night aimed at including the LGBT community in Ibiza and, eventually, across the world. There aren’t too many gay events with underground, non-commercial music. Maricas had their party first in Barcelona, and the Maricas and the Gang comes to Underground Ibiza at the start of September. Different decorations and a different crowd where everyone’s welcome. We’re going to try and bring that vibe back. When I first came to Ibiza in 2003, everything was much more colourful, there were drag queens on the streets. I spoke a lot to gay people in Ibiza, and it seemed like the scene and the culture were maybe dying out. But this is what first made Ibiza so amazing.”
What follows Maricas induction to the Gang is 17 further gigs in September, including slots at this year’s Lost Village Festival and Mint Festival. It’s clear that the UK sits highly in tINI’s affections. “I’ve played Mint Festival before, and there’s really too many greats UK shows to mention. I’ve got a really great following there.” As if this wasn’t enough, tINI also has a skateboard being made in her image “I skate myself, and EMillion reached out to me about doing a Part of the Gang collaboration. There’ll be more available on that soon. I don’t find enough time to skate, but I go do it whenever I can.” With her frenetic touring schedule and forthcoming record label it doesn’t seem likely that there will be much more spare time in the future. But you can catch tINI coming to a club, festival or skatepark near you soon.

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In Conversation: tINI

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