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In Conversation: Vibe Killers

In Conversation: Vibe Killers

Will Waldron | Features & Interviews

Lancashire duo Vibe Killers have spent the last 20 years honing their craft to climb the house music ladder, aiming for the top and moving a rung up the ladder with every fresh release. Grafting under their current title since 2014, they’ve earned attention as support for superstars like Hot Since 82, Loco Dice, Richy Ahmed and more, earning releases with labels including Knee Deep In Sound, Hottrax and elrow to name just a few. Set to play at an innovative new night called Teatro at Mission in Leeds, they took the time to answer some questions on their new music, preparing for gigs and more.

Hey guys, hope you’re well? Thanks for taking the time to chat to us! You’ve kicked off your 2018 with a big new project – can you tell us about Star Cycling Club please?
Yep all good thanks mate! So we have had some success in the past setting up and running various labels (Killer Vibe, Celesta, Resonance Records) and we needed a platform to release our own music, so we set up Star Cycling Club. If you’re wondering about the name, it’s named after one of the first pubs we used to go drinking in back in the day ha ha!

The first track to come out on your label is called ‘Favelas’ and is a Vibe Killers production – can you tell us about the ideas behind the track? Did you always set out to have this sound in the studio or was it a spontaneous development?
I was watching the film City of God for about the 50th time, I love the Portuguese / Brazilian language so decided to use some on the track. We hit a brick wall with it track for a while until we used the SSH101 which is the bassline you can hear throughout the track. It completely turned the project on its head and we’re really pleased with how it came out.

Do you feel that ‘Favelas’ has set the tone for the style of the label – will you continue to release primarily groovy tech-house or have you thought about delving into other sounds?

It’s not specifically one sound to be honest, we’re just going to go with the flow and see what comes out. The next release is wrapped up and features the vocal of a really talented girl – more info on this soon.

Are there any other future Vibe Killers releases you can talk about yet? Star Cycling Club related or not?
Yes, we have a remix on Resonance Records due out in Feb, we’ve remixed one of Apollo 84’s tracks (who we’re a big fan of) and it’s come out really well. We also have a release due at the end of Feb on NO ART which is ANOTR’s label – it’s a sick track to be fair.

So, you’re playing at Mission in Leeds on the 9th February with Todd Terry and Rich Wakley – what can people expect from a Vibe Killers set?
Mate we can’t wait for this! Mission has been on our to do list for time, and the new project Teatro looks amazing – I don’t know if you’ve seen the photos from the first party but it looks out of this world. Set wise it depends what time we’re playing, but expect us to play a few originals and with Todd headlining the set will definitely have a more house orientated vibe to it.

Do you put much preparation into your sets or go in with an open mind and judge the crowd when you get there?
We like to prepare really, we will make a rough playlist to work off but depending on the vibe of the party we may swap and change certain tracks.

Which tracks always work a dancefloor for you no matter what?  
I might be a bit biased and it is getting quite old now, but our track ‘Love You’ really does the damage still. We have a new one coming up on Solardo’s label this year called ‘Turned Up’ which really goes off!

With the launch of the label and some nice gigs lined up, where would you like to see yourselves this time next year?
We would love to play at some of the bigger festivals, particularly Parklife and one even closer to home called Beatherder.

Are there any young producers or DJs you recommend that we keep an eye on as well?
Loads! We run Killer Vibe Records which is like a platform for upcoming artists to get their music out there, so off the top of my head there is Will Taylor, Late Replies, Shakti and Mason Collective – they’re all smashing it.

Finally, what always kills the vibe for you?
When the lights are peeping through the curtains at an afters ha ha!  

Vibe Killers play at Leeds’ Mission alongside Todd Terry on Friday 9th February, as part of the exciting new Teatro series.

Photo courtesy of Vibe Killers

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In Conversation: Vibe Killers

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