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In Conversation: Vinyl Speed Adjust

In Conversation: Vinyl Speed Adjust

As one of the most unique and innovative duos emerging from the recent Romanian electronic renaissance, Vinyl Speed Adjust have managed to set themselves apart from their no doubt talented affiliates to become amongst the elite of their country’s sound. Over the past 5 years, Eddy and Levi have honed their tunes into something undeniably recognisable and now internationally renowned. Ahead of their return to Leeds to play at Sheaf St on Saturday 14th July, we had the chance to chat to the pair in detail all about their musical partnership.

Hi Eddy, hello Andrei! Where abouts are you guys at the moment?

Hello guys! We are currently are in Bucharest, our hometown preparing for our gig in Tel Aviv this weekend, at one of our favourite spots to play in the World, called ‘The Block’.

The venue is very unique, as it has a custom made analog sound system which was actually designed by the club’s owner, Yaron, and it is arguably the best sound system we have ever been lucky enough to play on. The venue also operates a no phone policy, much like Berghain, so what goes-down in The Block, stays in The Block!

Most readers will already be more than familiar with what you guys do, so I wanted to chat a bit about things that people may not know spanning the entirety of VSA’s life. Are you both long time friends or was there something that brought you together shortly before you decided to start making music and Djing together?

For those who aren’t too familiar with us or our music, we started to producing around 2009, but began Djing together a few years earlier. As you can tell from our name, we are vinyl lovers, and have over 20 records to our name, with many more still to come too of course... You can find more info about our backlog in our discogs catalog.

Was making tracks the passion that got you into this or was Djing also a big part of what attracted you to the career? When was the first time you ever played together as Vinyl Speed Adjust?

When we started playing around in the studio with production, this was what really inspired and fascinated us to try and progress from just DJing together; so we experimented with many different pieces of kit, trying to come-up with our own unique sounds until we finally created something we were happy to put our name to and release, which was our Move On EP on Natural Rhythm.

Our first gigs together were locally around Romania, before our first international show at Yalta Club in Sofia, for a party called Elegantly Wasted.

Since then we’ve been lucky enough to play many shows together all over the World, from Miami and New York to Mexico City, Sydney and Melbourne...and of course Leeds!

There are a lot of artists who have come to fame over the past few years with the help of the huge increase in interest of Romania’s electronic scene, however you two have always seemed to want to take your own path away from that circle. Why is this?

Romania is of course an inspirational hub for electronic music, and we’ve yielded a lot of good producers and DJs over the years. A lot of people regard our underground music culture as something very recent, but in fact it goes a lot further back than most people understand, especially when we are talking about the minimal scene.

As with most local scenes, there are a lot of newcomers appearing, almost on a daily basis, and there is a lot of cool stuff being produced, albeit a lot of these same people are trying to emulate their predecessors and the people who have inspired them. We never purposefully chose to take our own path, we just followed our own way of producing and playing the music which we felt was right for us, and focused our efforts entirely on delivering the highest quality, either in the studio or behind the turntables.

We feel that if you follow someone else’s path you will never fully be able to achieve your own potential, and experience total genuinity with your music.

So outside of Vinyl Speed Adjust and the music you put out together, do either of you have any solo projects that we might not know about, existing either before you partnered up or still today?

No plans yet. We are only really just starting-out on this journey together, so for the moment we plan to invest all of our efforts into this project. Maybe in the future we’ll start our own solo projects, but for the moment we are only interested in developing this project together. We have a long way to go yet before we fulfill our ambition as a duo.

What are the greatest and (if any) not so great things about producing and performing as a duo?

It is always fun to travel and work together. The greatest things we enjoy as a duo are sharing our ideas and working together to achieve a shared vision, which results in a cool outcome.

A few weeks ago you guys played at CDV in Berlin, which has an internationally renowned reputation as one of the best clubs on the planet. What do you think are the secret ingredients that create a club as good as this one?

CDV is an amazing spot to play, the location of the venue and it’s history alone, make it one of the best venues we’ve ever been lucky enough to play at. Also, the vibe at CDV its incomparable, it has a really powerful aura surrounding it, which makes you feel so at ease and open to explore your creativity behind the decks. We ended-up playing for 7 hours after Bill Patrick and the Visionquest boys Ryan and Shaun, on a Thursday. The culture in Berlin really is like nowhere else in the World - being able to dance to the music we love pretty much 7 days a week until the small hours of the morning, is what living life to the fullest is all about.

The ingredients for any club that is serious about what they do, should be connecting people for a common purpose, that being listening and dancing to good music, sharing ideas, discovering different cultures and vibes from all around the World.

So, after the summer has passed, do you have any grand plans for yourselves?

We do indeed, for the first time we will be touring South America in late July through August, with shows in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and Balneario de Camboriu, all in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Cali and Bogota in Colombia. We fly back from South America straight to Paris, for our first show at the infamous Concrete, where will have the pleasure of playing an extended set on their Wood Floor, so that will be a very special moment for us both.

We will also be returning to Mexico for the second time this year, sometime in the autumn, more details on that tour will be coming soon.

Where would you like to see yourselves in 10 years?

Hopefully still playing all over the World, visiting new cities and clubs, meeting many more amazing and like minded people along the way!

Last year you made your first trip to Leeds to play at Distrikt Bar alongside the young gun duo Gas House Kids from the Back To Basics camp. How did you find the city and the party itself?

Leeds is a very cool spot to play, we met a lot of friendly people, that were all very welcoming. We also see Leeds as an important city to play, as it has a lot of heritage in the underground scene, so we are very pleased to have made a connection with the Gas House Kids, Aden and Josh are great guys. It is definitely a younger crowd in Leeds, so everyone is always up for having a good time, but for us it allows us to share our music with a new audience, and there is always an after party happening somewhere in town at an intimate loft or basement, which we are always down for too!

It’s always a pleasure to come back to a city where we've already played in, and especially to play for the same promoters again, with the same crowd, as it helps to build a stronger connection which ultimately means the vibe is even more special.

So we are looking forward to meeting the guys again and having a great party, this time it's in a bigger venue than when we played at Distrikt last year, and we are playing an extended set too, so it should be a lot of fun.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions guys. We will see you on the 14th!

For sure! Thanks too!

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In Conversation: Vinyl Speed Adjust

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