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In Conversation: Whiney

In Conversation: Whiney

Stefan Gandhi | Features & Interviews

There are very few brands that lead the drum & bass scene on a widespread scale around the world that can bring together a community of like-minded individuals for a good DnB rave, but the iconic Hospitality brand have garnered a legendary status over the years for doing just this, hosting smaller club shows to large festivals such as Croatia’s Hospitality On The Beach that feature an incredible roster of established and upcoming talent from the Hospital Records and Med School Music family. With two albums now under his belt, we sat down with Med School’s very own Whiney for a chat about everything from his love for Pendulum, to his most memorable tour moments from his career so far and exciting future plans in 2019.

Catch Whiney at Hospitality Bristol in March, Hospitality Summer BBQ in May and Hospitality On The Beach in July.

Tell us about the first memory you have of drum and bass that inspired your love for the genre?

Hearing ‘Slam’ by Pendulum on the Playstation when I was 14. Think it was on the game Motorstorm. I was raised to play the violin and piano so electronic music was a new thing to me; I was hooked.

At the young age of 18, you signed your first track with the well-renowned Hospital Records. How has your process in the studio changed over the years since joining their sister label Med School?

It would have been 17 if I was allowed to sign it. Not a huge amount, I'd like to think I'm writing less music but of higher quality and investing more time to understand the writing process, how other artists work and hardware.

Congratulations on the release of your second album, Waystone. There are some incredible collaborations on this LP, including Inja, Keeno and more. For yourself, which track on this album would be your favourite and why?

Probably 'Darkest Night' as it squeezes everything I love about music into one tune, and it might have caught people off guard. The majority of the album is upfront, gritty and fairly electronic in its production, whereas this track takes that all away and incorporates live instruments, soulful vocals, and a heavy beat - all at drum & bass tempo.

Who is the one artist that you would love to work within the studio?

Right now, Shy FX. He's a very big inspiration and his sound and identity is something I'm really connecting with at the moment.

With the success of your debut album, Talisman, have you since found a way that works for you when it comes to songwriting?

Catch the vibe then worry about everything else later. Talisman was written from a crowd perspective - imagining I was in the middle of a dance floor and asking myself what I want to hear and how I want tracks to develop. Waystone was very different - I can almost pin each track to a certain point of my life in the last 18 months. Whether it be touring Australia, moving into a new house, quitting my job or an emotional point there was a lot to write about.

We can imagine there must be a lot of exciting things that come with touring on the road, but what has been the standout moment in your career so far?

It has to be playing Arcadia in 2017. I hadn't long come back from Australia still on a Talisman high and was in the last week of a full-time job that was about to be ditched to do music full-time. I turned up feeling pretty all over the place and then walked up to the mainstage to be handed over to by Preditah who finished with Skepta's 'That's Not Me'. 15,000 people then listened to myself, Unglued and GQ go in for 30 minutes and it was absolutely amazing.

What’s the maddest thing you’ve seen happen at one of your shows?

There's been a few but probably seeing a guy piss on a speaker during my set in Manchester, setting the speaker on fire then nearly shutting down the whole festival. He was my mate as well and got pulled up by security who spoke to me afterwards thinking I was part of it. They took my name but I got invited back the following year so I don't think there was any permanent damage (to my name at least).

When you’re not in the studio and touring, what do you enjoy doing in your down time?

Getting out and about with the dog, playing football and spending time with family. It isn't easy when weekends are limited but makes it all that better when you do catch them.

What can fans expect from you in 2019?

More music; 1 track in particular that I'm really excited about dropping the first half of 2019. There are a few tunes on Hospital before that and potential remixes by/of me following that. Other than that gigs, lots of gigs.

Is there one track hot on the drum & bass scene at the moment that you plan on including in your sets this summer?

The Beatles - Come Together (Urbandawn Remix)

Get tickets to see Whiney and more at Hospitality Bristol at Motion, Bristol on Saturday 9th March, Hospitality Summer BBQ at Studio 338, London on Saturday 4th May and Hospitality On The Beach at The Garden, Tisno in Croatia from Thursday 11th - Monday 15th July.

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In Conversation: Whiney

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