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Get to know: Jamz

Get to know: Jamz

Jamz is the party curated by Elijah and Skilliam that has thrown parties all over the UK over the past few years. This September, Jamz will be making a highly anticipated return to the North as they host a full series events across Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield. We got the chance to chat to the residents and promoters Elijah & Skilliam and find out what Jamz is all about.

Tell us about Jamz parties and how they came about?

We started back in 2013, as we wanted a smaller night that was orientated around just dancing, as a side project to our bigger night that was happening at the time at Cable in London, that later moved to Fabric. Intimate vibes that we could bring everywhere, with our DJ friends playing, low, or no door tax too. It helped us convert a lot of people that still weren’t really sure about the dance floor ability of our music, and how good some of the DJs we work with are, people like Spooky and Flava D, who’s developed rapidly at the night.

These two are just a couple of the many guests that you’ve had over since Jamz began and a few of them have been back several times. Who have been your three favourite guests since the first party?

Spooky, for his all night, all vinyl sessions. He’s a real DJ. The JME party we did at The Warehouse in Leeds was also incredible, the biggest one yet, catching him at a good time just before his album came out. I have to say all the actual crew that roll with us to the parties make it as well, that’s why we did it at The Alibi to start off, it was a hang out, we just got on the floor and danced. Can't forget the Roller Disco we did last year too. Best guests yet, the skaters!

You are returning to Leeds on 22nd Sept with Flava D. How much has Jamz changed throughout your growth?

We started bringing it to other cities at the top of 2014 starting off in Leeds at Wire, then Soup Kitchen in Manchester, still keeping the same ethos. There wasn’t an external promoter involved just us putting the tickets online, and sharing it and building it up organically. It has started to dominate a lot of our time, compared to a ‘DJ Booking’ type of dynamic, but the parties, for us are a lot more enjoyable as we decide on who we play with, when we play, and ultimately how successful the night is. One of our quirks is there is no set times. DJs come on and off all night so the sound of the club is completely different to anything else. It’s like a 5-hour back-to-back session with top DJs.

Jamz - Flava D at Wire Leeds (Photo - Joe Brook)

Do you have any future bookings you can share with us at this point? 

Across the autumn we have more shows then ever. We have Wen, Murlo and Kahn & Neek joining us for the first time, alongside regulars like P Money, Newham Generals and Royal-T. 

Finally, you two are both residents as well as the organisers behind the Jamz parties. Have your styles changed much since you began playing and promoting?

Yes, it’s really helped us develop a style that is more suited to long sets. We have done a few all nighters, which is non-existent in the culture of our music, that's usually based around one hour or 90 minute sets. We sometimes open, or close, and we have been exposed to a lot more music just because we are playing a lot more shows and meeting new people, which ultimately is why we do this.

As well as their weekly parties at Wire, Jamz will be taking to a number of cities in the north to bring their energy and flair to spaces similar to that of the underground cavern that is Wire. Some of the venues that Jamz will be taking over include The Soup Kitchen in Manchester and The Harley in Sheffield, however first it will all boil down to these very exciting looking parties over the coming months at Wire in Leeds.

Upcoming Jamz Parties

Fri 11th Sep - Soup Kitchen, Manchester - Jamz MCR: Wen + Spooky + Elijah + Skilliam

Tues 11nd Sep - Wire, Leeds - Jamz Leeds: Flava D [SOLD OUT]

Wed 23rd Sep - 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool - Flava D (Extended Set)

Tues 29th Sep - Wire, Leeds - Jamz Leeds: D Double E x Elijah & Skilliam + Wen

Wed 30th Sep - Soup Kitchen, Manchester - Jamz MCR: D Double E x Elijah & Skilliam [SOLD OUT]

Thurs 1st Oct - 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool - Jamz LIV: JD Double E x Elijah & Skilliam

Tues 6th Oct - Wire, Leeds - Jamz Leeds: P Money & Royal-T

Tues 13th Oct - Wire, Leeds - Jamz Leeds: Murlo

Wed 28th Oct - Soup Kitchen, Manchester - Jamz MCR: Flava D 

Interview by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of E&S and Joe Brook

Get to know: Jamz

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