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In Conversation: D'Julz

In Conversation: D'Julz

From throwing parties in his home city of Paris, to holding it down begind the decks and the biggest clubs around the world, D'Julz has earnt the repuatation as one of the most respected selectors in the game. His very own impirnt Bass Culture has been behind some of the biggest parties in Paris and beyond as well as an outlet for numerous releases over the years. As the French selector gears up to help ring in the new year at EGG LDN, we caught up with the man himself to talk Bass culture, parties, releases and what kind of party to expect as 2015 turns to 2016.

Bass Culture has recently become the longest running residency at Rex Club ever. What is so special about the club for you?
After that many years it's a second home. The staff are friends, it's a very comfortable and professional environment to work in and everything feels natural there. I also like the fact that this club has played a big role in the history of House and techno in France. Basically the longevity of my night is mainly due to the longevity of the club itself and to the fact that it is still very relevant today in spite of all the new exciting venues that appeared in Paris recently.

On the 12th December, your party will return with showcases featuring Seth Troxler and Cassy taking place over two consecutive weekends. What do you like most about these two DJs?  
Cassy has been a recurrent guests at my party for the last 7 years or so. I always liked her flow and her drive behind the decks. Along those years playing together we developed a true friendship.  She is one of the few DJs that I feel very comfortable playing b2b with, and also working with in studio.

It's the first time Seth is gonna play at my party, but we had the chance to share the decks many times in the last few years. He is a very talented artist and it's always a lot of fun hanging out with him. I appreciate his freedom and he is eclectic when he plays. He is one of the very few DJs at this level of fame that still dares to take risks and surprises people.  


Has a broadening of musical interest or maybe an interest in music from a certain country or town changed your approach to who you book at Bass Culture over the years?
Of course I’m always interested into what's new but I’m not amnesic.  I never chose an artist depending of his scene or of the country where is from. I’m very careful with trends. It's not because a new scene appears, that everything coming from it is relevant, and everything else is all the sudden crap. I hate that narrow-minded way of thinking. I book individuals, not genres or chart positions. It doesn’t matter if they are newcomers, big names, old legends, from Detroit, Bucharest, London or Berlin. I like different kind of music and artists, so my night reflects that.  

Could you name three standout performances from your parties since they began?
Only 3?!  that's impossible there have been so many. I would say, at the beginning:  Terry Francis, Kenny Hawkes, Doc Martin and more recently Daniel Bell, Mr. G, Raresh.

On the same weekend as the first of the two parties in December, you are re-releasing the 1992 Liz Torres classic Don’t Let Love Pass You By on Bass Culture Is this track particularly important to you and your development as an artist and have you always wanted to release an edit of it?
I’m gonna be extremely honest with you, it's one of a the few old Chicago records that I totally missed when it first came out in 1992 (I know shame on me) I only discovered it 5 or 6 years ago played by Nina Kraviz who think discovered it through Prosumer. Anyway, after I found it I did an edit that focused on the first half of the song. I didn’t plan to re release it at all but a lot and people kept asking me what it was, and when it will be coming out? After 3 years of this, and since I wouldn’t want my edit to be bootlegged I decided to contact the producers Master C & J to license it . It wasn’t easy but I’m glad it worked out.  

The price for the original record stretches to as much as €300 on Discogs. Obviously giving people the chance to play these records themselves through re-releasing is important to you, which is why you included the Get Down Mix on the EP. What is your opinion on these far fetched prices for older and arguably rarer records?
Each case is different. When it's an old rare record like this one, I can understand the increase of value (300 is a bit much). However, when prices get very high for a record that just came out only because the label decides to limit it to 150 copies to create a buzz, I think it's ridiculous and dishonest.

Whilst we’re on the subject of music being more available, Resident Advisor charts are something you post every month, which are another great way to share music. You’ve recently charted music on Vessel Records, Le Borgne and Robsoul amongst a number of other labels. Could you choose one label that you’re really enjoying at the moment?
I have been a big fan of Cabinet for many years, and I’ve got to say, I’ve been playing every single record they have been putting out since they re-launched the label. Recently, I cant think of another label where I’ve been playing every single release, beside Bass Culture obviously ;). There are so many exciting new labels at the moment  that I could make a chart with only 001 catalogue numbers. But lasting is the hard part.


You are playing at EGG in London on NYE. Have you played here much before and what do you think about the club?
I did years ago, I liked the room and the sound very much. I think the club has changed a lot since I first played there and I’ve been only hearing good things about it so I look forward to rediscovering it.

As you will be spinning alongside Tobi Neumann, Jack Wickham, Guti, Nick Curly and Peter Glasspool amongst others, how excited are you about the party?
I always have a good time playing for Nick 's party and I particularly like being able to celebrate NYE amongst friends. So I’m sure it will be a fun one for me and for the people who come!

Thanks D'julz. Have a great New Year!

D'Julz Houdini EP is now out on Bass Culture

Interview by Josh Plews
Photos courtesy of D'Julz

In Conversation: D'Julz

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