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In Conversation: Denney

In Conversation: Denney

Since stepping onto the scene in 2012, Denney has quickly risen up the ranks, turning the heads of fellow DJs and labels along the way. Having made a name for himself as a DJ and producer in Leeds while regularly playing at long standing night Back To Basics, Denney has since gone on to release records on labels such as Hot Creations and Viva Music. Denney’s 2015 record Low Frequency fully solidified his reputation as a purveyor of dance floor ready tracks, in turn paving the way for him to record his debut essential mix earlier this year. Ahead of his appearance in Liverpool this Saturday for Circus Warriors, we caught up with the man himself to talk, Ibiza residencies, starting out in Leeds and the Essential Mix.   

Hi Denney, how’re you doing?
Hello! Doing very well thank you, currently just sat on a beach in Mexico on holiday after the BPM Festival!

2015 has been a huge year for yourself, not least thanks to the success of your release Low Frequency. Are you sitting on any new material at the moment that you think could be as big a hit which you could tell us about?
I'm sitting on quite a bit of new music that is coming out on 2020 Vision and Crosstown rebels, it's impossible to say whether they will be big hits as I never set out to do that, with Low Frequency, it just happened! I’m just happy to be releasing on such great labels, anything else is a bonus.

Aside from Low Frequency bringing you deserved recognition and increased exposure, where there any other personal highlights for you over the course of 2015?
Two massive highlights were my first Ibiza residency for VIVa Warriors and being asked to do the Essential Mix, the latter being a personal goal of mine from day one.

Having been based in Leeds for a while now, how do you think the scene has changed in the time you have been DJ’ing and living in the city?
I've been there for 11 years now; the city has developed massively over the last few years and become fantastic for shopping and eating out. I feel that we could use some new club venues though as there seems to be a bit of a shortage compared to when I first moved there, I guess the next few years will be interesting to see what happens.  Regardless though Leeds has the best music scene outside of London in the UK.

You have been associated with one of Leeds’ most loved nights Back to Basics for some years now, how do you think working for the night and eventually becoming a resident has shaped you as a DJ and producer?
It has probably been the biggest inspiration in my life musically, Basics is a straight up party and I usually prefer listening to the residents over the guests so being asked to join the team was a big deal for me. I moved to Leeds because of Basics so that in itself shows how big an inspiration it has been.

Denney Interview

This summer saw you hold down your first residency for Viva Warriors in Ibiza, how did you find this experience? Were there any particular highlights over the course of the residency that stood out for you?
I loved it, it was so good getting to know that room and the sound system, you learn what tracks sound good in there and start looking for music differently. A big highlight was playing a gig in September when a lot of friends and my sister came over for it, they had all been with me from day one so it was a great experience having them there to share it with me.

Two weeks ago we saw your debut Essential Mix aired on BBC Radio 1, what was your reaction when being asked to contribute to the legendary mix?
I was blown away, as mentioned earlier this was one of the main aims in my career and for it to come true was amazing, exciting and a little daunting.

Click here to listen to Denney's Essental Mix

What kind of vibe were you aiming to create when approaching your Essential Mix? Did you find it difficult to narrow down the tracks you wanted to include?
I put so much work into the mix, the best part of 2 months were spent on it. It was incredibly hard trying to narrow it down to the final tracks but I am incredibly happy with how it has turned out and the feedback it has received.


On the 30th of January you will be reunited with the Viva Warriors crew as Yousef and Circus will welcome the likes of Steve Lawler and yourself to the Arts Club in Liverpool. Having been involved in Circus presents Warriors events before, what kind of party will you be expecting at the end of the month?
I love playing for Circus; I have been friends with Yousef for over 10 years so I have seen it grow from day one. It is one of the best parties in the UK and I am playing in the main room this time which I haven’t done before but I’m incredibly excited. I always love going back to Liverpool, the people there are great and always up for a party!

Finally, having enjoyed a number of successes in 2015, is there anything you are hoping to achieve over the course of this year?
If I can have as much fun in 2016 as I did last year, I will be one happy man!

Circus Warriors Flyer

Interview by Elliot Ryder
Photo courtesy of Neighbourhood PR

In Conversation: Denney

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