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In Conversation: Eton Messy

In Conversation: Eton Messy

Eton Messy have gone from being one of the leading YouTube channels promoting cutting edge electronic music to throwing some of the most popular parties the world over from London to Ibiza. Ahead of their 2015 Winter Tour that will be travelling to Leeds, London, Manchester, Glasgow and a number of other UK cities, we caught up with the organisers to discuss the brands rise and the plans for this all out UK run around.

Firstly, since we’re approaching the beginning of our UK tour… Was organising parties and touring the UK something you had set out to eventually do when setting up the Eton Messy YouTube channel?

We had always organised parties and DJ'd in Bristol before starting Eton Messy so I think we jumped at the opportunity when it arose.  

The ethos of Eton Messy is to unearth new talent. Will there be already established names of the tour too or are these shows dedicated to the up and coming?
There are a couple of surprises and established names in there but there is also plenty of up and coming talent so I think everyone will be happy with these lineups.

You have taken Eton Messy to a number of cities in the UK already. Are there any stops on the tour that will see city debuts for yourselves?
We have added Manchester (Antwerp Mansion) back in which we are really looking forward to, we had it on the tour a year or so back and was one of the best nights on the tour. We (Blonde) are making a debut in Birmingham at Rainbow Venues. We have only played Birmingham once before and it was a DJ set so looking forward to gettng stuck in again there.

The debut Eton Messy Compilation has just been released. How did you all approach this?
We thought it was about time to do a compilation especially seeing as the label has been up and running successfully for a while now. We approached it in the same was as we do our events. We reached out to some fresh artists to do us some exclusives but padded the rest out with songs that we have been feeling over the last year. We are really happy with how it has turned out and can’t wait to crack on with another one!

Aside from the tour, what else is Eton Messy involved in throughout the winter? Any festivals or shows abroad?
We have been working very closely with Rise Festival on curating a stage which is coming up in December so we have that to look forward to! We also have a couple more releases on the label to plan and execute too. And obviously a few DJ sets here and there, so a lot to be getting on with!


Does the name of your collective have anything at all to do with the patriotically English meringue based desert of dreams, the Eton Mess?
It does indeed! We just can’t get enough of it! Haha.

As you are keen to give a platform to the next generation, which 3 up and coming artists are your current favourites?
There are a few that hit the spot at the moment. Two of them would have to be Limits and Kayper who both have releases with us in the next few months on the label. Outside of that it would have to be Austin Ato, he featured on our compilation and you may even see him on a few of our shows on the tour...

Finally, how do you intend to further the work that Eton Messy has already been doing so well since beginning as the humble YouTube channel?
We are always striving to do better and we are never satisfied so I guess more of the same!

Interview by Josh Plews
Image courtesy of Eton Messy
In Conversation: Eton Messy

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