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In Conversation: Little Dragon

In Conversation: Little Dragon

Elliot Ryder | Latest News

Scandinavian quartet Little Dragon have been dazing audiences with impeccably produced electronic sounds over the course of their four album career. Having drawn attention through spell binding tracks such as Twice and more dance infused numbers like Ritual Union the Swedish band poses a unique blend of melodic sounds which has seen them go on to receive large amounts of critical acclaim.  Taking a step back from Little Dragon duties, members Erik Bodin and Fredrik Kallgren have since been making moves on the DJ circuit with a number of eye catching appearances. Ahead of their DJ set at Mint on the 24th of October, we caught up with the pair to talk about their musical inspiration, the Gothenburg music scene and DJs they would like to play along side.

Is DJ'ing something you have gotten into since being in Little Dragon or is something you have always been doing?

We always loved playing tunes to each other, then it became a fun way to keep the afterparty going, first in the occasional apartment, then the tourbus, then later at clubs who would have us.

What was it that inspired you to want to start performing DJ sets at clubs across the world?
That good old tribal feeling of tipsy folks dancing and moving around.

What where some of the first electronic music records you listened to?
That would be Kraftwerk, Break Machine and Klf. 

Did these records also influence what kind of music you created as a band as well as the tracks you play in Dj sets?
Yes almost everything goes in to the ol grey or the fibers in some way.

How does playing a DJ set to a club full of people compare to playing a live show with Little Dragon at a festival and other similar venues?
The live show its pretty straightforward in terms of the songs, we always jam a bit though. The DJ set is more of feeling the vibe and sharing your vibe, it can take a lot of different directions.

How does your home of Gothenburg compare to some of the most established electronic music scenes in the world and what were your first experiences of dance music culture?
It does great in terms of creators and producers, a lot of good acts from here. The club scene has been quite poor with the exception of a forest rave here and there. Most clubs are total drunk meat market mayhem, could be fun once and a while but more often not so much.

Little Dragon have always incorporated electronic sounds into their records - are the DJ sets an opportunity to further explore different types of electronic music?
I guess we discover a lot of new sounds & rhythms while digging and browsing the musical garden, so yes somehow in a way perhaps.

Have you found since playing DJ sets they have been able to influence your live performances with Little Dragon?
Yes it creates an urge for turning just one big knob while fist pumping in the air with the other.

Are there any particular DJs that you'd really like to play on the same bill as that you haven't already?
Hmmm there is so many good DJs out there. Maybe someone Like Tiesto just to show his crowd what music also can sound like.

Do you have a particular DJ set that you have heard over the years that particularly sticks out in memory?
Yes I remember a underground club in New York that was hidden behind a U-haul truck, it was smoky, dirty and a amazing DJ that was hidden behind sheets. Its nice to not look at the DJ and just absorb.

What kind of vibe will you be looking to create when you play at the Mint Club along side Leon Vynehall later this month?
That good ol party vibe, with that deep Leon flava. 

Little Dragon DJ Set

Having already recorded a boiler room and received praise for your sets - are there any next steps for Little Dragon when it comes to performing DJ sets?
The next big step is going banans at the mint club in Leeds.

Interview by Elliot Ryder

Photos courtesy of Little Dragon & Mint Club

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In Conversation: Little Dragon

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