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In Conversation: Martin Buttrich

Martin Buttrich is one of the most prolific producers and DJs in the world of electronic music. Since his early beginnings in the 90s, he has more than proved his credentials as one of the top acts with a number of huge releases on household labels such as Desolat as well as reinforcing his reputation through his spellbinding turntable skills and live performances. The next stop on his journey through electronic music will see him appearing at Leeds based night System next month. Ahead of the highly anticipated event we caught up with the man himself to talk about live performances, collaborations and his new record label ventures.

You have just announced the first instalment of your new Collaborator project, which will be released on your (also new) label Rhythm Assault. Could you tell us a bit about the project and what it will compromise?
I love to work in the studio with artists that I admire, respect and enjoy. It seemed fitting to bring everyone into the studio and work on making some music together. I have been working on Collaborator for 3 years, so you’ll be seeing many collaborations.  

Mathew Jonson is the first artist who you have announced for the new project, someone who is known worldwide for his live sets. As you are also an artist who is known for live performances, is Matthew someone you have always admired in that respect?
Yes, absolutely – Mathew is still one of the best live acts out there in our genre of music. He also deserves the title of a real live act as he performs everything from scratch. He is not just a great performer but is one of the most inspiring producers out there for me. 


You have described Rhythm Assault as a platform to showcase your musical projects without boundaries. Do you have a lot of currently unreleased music from over the years that you haven’t had time to release? Was the want to release music from the past a reason for the label and something you hope to do with it?
There is indeed a lot of unreleased music, but this is not the reason or intention of Rhythm Assault – the label is something for me to showcase and release whatever I would like to, whenever I would like to. If some of my music from the past will fit, than it may be released on this label - there are no constraints. 

Aside from on the Collaborator project, will Rhythm Assault be a platform for other artists or is it dedicated to your own music and collaborations?
Everything and anything is possible but for now the release schedule is stacked with the Collaborator project.

Martin Buttrich

Will you perhaps release your own music through another alias on Rhythm Assault?
You never know ;-) 

Many fans will know you as a producer for artists such as Loco Dice and Timo Maas. I’m sure there will be many tracks by other artists, maybe even outside the house and techno spectrum, which you have worked on that not many will know about. Could you name a few that are lesser known?
Over the years, I have worked with many artists over many different genres. I guess it would surprise a lot of people to hear that I’ve worked with the likes of Bootsy Collins, Sugarbabes, Placebo to name a few. 


During Pete Tong’s club scouts on BBC Radio 1 you name Mint Club in Leeds as one of your favourite places to play. Are you looking forward to returning there on the 7th of November?
Yes, I really can not wait, I adore Leeds and the Mint Club and super happy to play with Guti.

Your return to Leeds will see you playing back to back with your friend and fellow label mate Guti. Have you two played together much before? Also, will it be a straight up DJ set or will you both be using live setups?
Yes, we have played many times together and it will be a hybrid set, some parts live and some parts DJ. It will be a good time, we’re looking forward to it! 

Interview by Josh Plews

Photos courtesy of ALT Management  

In Conversation: Martin Buttrich

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