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In Conversation: Subb-an

In Conversation: Subb-an

Ashique Subhan, or better known as Subb-an, has been on a journey over the course of the last deceade from a breakthough artist in his hometown in Birmingham to one of the most reveered selectors on the DJ circuit. Also along the way, Ashique has honed his production skills, refined his live sets and had a hand in starting up the One Records label alongside fellow Birmingham native Adam Shelton. Ahead of his appearence at the The Rainbow Venues for Cocoon this December 19th, we caught up with the man himself to talk One Records and parties in South America.    

Hi Ash, during the summer months you played at Antwerp’s newest nightspot, Ampere. What’s the club like and how was the party?
The party was great. The whole team behind it is on point and I always enjoy visiting Antwerp. I loved the venue and the sound for me was solid, which what makes a club in my opinion. I'll hopefully be back there soon.

You feature on Mathew Jonson’s instalment of the Fabric mix series, which was released a few weeks ago. Have you always been fond of Matthew’s music and how did the collaboration come about?
For me Mathew Jonson is such a great producer and i’ve been a fan of music for many years as well as his live show. He has a very unique style and you can always tell it's him. When I had the 'Say No More' release pencilled in I requested Mathew for the remix and he did a fantastic job with it, I was very pleased. It's great that he included the remix on his fabric cd, I've seen that here was only 4 other artists featured so feeling honoured. 

We have since hooked up in the studio, I'll tell you more about it soon... 

The album launch party at the club had a cracking line up, with Matthew, Sammy Dee, tINI and of course Craig Richards amongst others spinning. How was the party?
Fabric is always great, it's a club I have a huge connection with as I've started my rave days there some twelve years ago, so when i go back to play it really takes me back... apart from the fact I'm now on the other side of the dance floor.. saying that on that night I was in room two getting a rave on to Sammy dee, decent.

Are there any integral differences between the parties in the UK and in South America (apart from the sun, obviously)?
I've played a fair share of gigs in South America and the energy is fantastic, what you have to remember is South America is a huge place in general and especially in comparison to the UK so it can be difficult to compare. Obviously the main difference is the sun but for me both places share the same energy. UK has always had a strong scene and love for dance music, people want, need and enjoy that release and thats the same in SA. The UK has a big love for daytime parties (in the summer, when it doesn't rain) and this also goes for South America so there are more similarities for me then differences. An important difference is how excited people in Sout America are with international guests. In the UK and Europe we’re kind of spoilt for choice, people obviously still appreciate it here but in South America there does seem to be that more hype around international artists in town.


The One Records family has always been a tightly knit group of friends. Do you notice any differences when you’re playing alongside these guys?
All the guys have their individual own flow but it all comes under the sound we all love which is why were a tight team. It's also the energy and vibe with the crew, we want to have people on the label that are interesting and fun and friendly which we try to resonate at the parties and through the music on the label.

Do you have any forthcoming material on the label? Or any other for that matter?
I've been working pretty hard in my studio in Berlin, lots of exciting new material and collaborations, all in good time. Adam and i have also been signing some really great music, we have a little buzz on at the moment getting excited about 2016.

You will be playing at The Rainbow Venues on the 19th of December as Cocoon rolls into Birmingham with Sven Väth, Tim Green and Markus Fix also on the line up. Has Cocoon been an integral influence in your development as an artist?
I used to go to Cocoon a lot in ibiza around ten years ago so it's definitely played its part. I love playing the events and it's been great to part of the cocoon team, it's going to be fun to do Cocoon in my home town for sure, looking forward to it. 

We hope you enjoy the party. Thanks Ash.

Words by Josh Plews
Photos courtesy of Subb-an

In Conversation: Subb-an

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