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In Conversation: Tim Green

In Conversation: Tim Green

Ahead of the London leg of Defected and Get Physical's three date collaberative tour that sees the labels come together for a trip of shows at Fire London, Amnesia Ibiza and Chalet Berlin, we spoke with Tim Green, touching on his relationship with Gey Physical, how the label has affected his career to date and more.

Hi Tim, how you doing?
Im good thanks!

As we have reached the end of summer I have to ask, what have the seasons highlights been this year?
Honestly, spending more time in the studio finishing music. I don’t always get the chance to, so this year I’ve stepped back one step, to go forward two ;)

Youre new EP on Cocoon has been getting some heavy support from your peers. Do you approach your tracks for Svens label any differently to your others?
No not at all. I start and finish music with no pre determined ideas. Just let the music write itself. I never specifically write music for any label. I always send a bunch of tracks over to each label and see if they are into it or not.

What does Cocoon mean to you as a music fan? And what did it mean to release Lone Time as your first dedicated track on the label? 
It means a lot to me, especially for when I was first getting into DJing and producing professionally. I was buying a lot of records from the label, and especially looking to the label for inspiration from the various artists and producers on there. The stripped back, techno influenced, German sound was a big part to my beginnings. It's strange I release with them now, I had no idea back then I would be doing this haha.

Get Physical and Defected are collaborating to put on a series of events during September called Defected Gets Physical. Can you tell usd about your relationship with Get Physcial?
Get Physical is like a family to me. I have been honoured to release and work with the label and associated artists for a long long time now. My track Old Sunshine was one of my biggest tracks, which was on the label. They let me do my thing, evolve and change as an artist should over time. Not just stick to one sound, which in my opinion only makes things stale.


DJ T and MANDY have been pushing the boundaries with their music for years. What is your relationship like with these guys and how did you become friends? 
Yeah I’ve known the guys for many years now! We have become good close friends. We’ll always try to spend time together outside of the usual club environment. Hanging out, going for good food etc….  We’ve all played a lot of gigs together in the past all around the world. Just last year myself and DJ T were headlining Dessert Hearts festival, and Philipp (M.A.N.D.Y.) and I played Robot Heart at Burning Man also! These were 2 great highlights for me, music and environments which are pushing boundaries to make the experience so much more interesting and enjoyable.

Youre playing for the Defected Gets Physical party at Fire in London alongside those two as well as Eddie Fowlkes and many more. What excites you most about this party?
Again getting to play on a night with close friends is really great, it creates a great comfortable setting for the night, plus a guaranteed wicked party!

The series will also see you playing at Chalet in Berlin. Do you think the setting will bring a different sound out of the collaboration?
We’ll have to see. I personally play differently for every gig, for better or for worse. So will have to see what the crowd want and try to deliver it for them ;)

Finally, any forthcoming releases you can tell us about?
Yeah my next forthcoming release will be back on My Favorite Robot Records! The first release I did with them I really enjoyed. It was more experimental. This one is much more straight up dance floor, but still quite dark with more synths driving the tracks. Should be out next month if all goes to plan!

Defected Gets Physical London

Interview by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of FT Music Management and Fire London  

In Conversation: Tim Green

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