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In Conversation: Top quotes of 2015

In Conversation: Top quotes of 2015

Over the course of 2015, we have had the pleasure of speaking to some of the biggest DJs and artists in the world with the likes of Andy C, Little Dragon and Joris Voorn to name a few joining us for a chat. Whilst speaking to some of these artists we have been provided with a unique insight into their lives as well as getting a first hand look at their busy touring schedules. In between chatting about upcoming releases and shows, here are a few of our personal highlights of from some of our interviews this year.

Andy C
Ahead of Andy C’s all night long UK tour, which, as you’d expect, saw Andy DJ all night long from start to finish, we caught up with the drum & bass legend to find out how he’d prepare for such a task. Highlights from the conversation include record selection and how he gets away with going to the bathroom whilst playing all night long. We also found out Andy is not a man who holds back when gets behind the decks, opting to turn in up to 11 right from the word go. Andy would keep the party going for some time if he had his own way…

“I play off of Traktor so I have all my music stored in my laptop and then I use three turntables as well. There is probably about 10 or 11 days-worth of music stored on there so we could go all week if we wanted to depending on what the club’s licences are”

Gerd Janson
Alongside his rather enviable beard, Gerd Janson has grown the reputation of being one of the most colourful characters in the house/techno scene, something which the Running Back label boss lived up to when we caught up with him at the start of November. In a previous interview, duo Tiger & Woods had speculated whether the man himself is in fact Jesus and what items he may have stored in that wonderful beard of his. So what better to ask him than what he would store in his beard if it were to have a secret compartment…

“If I were Jesus, I could stop being an agnostic. That compartment could be handy for a fresh load of ginger everywhere I go”

Gerd Janson

Bill Patrick
Probably one of our most interesting interviews of the year came when we caught up with avid vinyl collector and selector Bill Patrick ahead of his appearance at Trust in Manchester. Particular highlights included his insights into the future which he claimed or he could either release some game changing records or get hooked on bath salts and cannibalise himself. Yes, you heard that correctly. However, our favourite quote came when Bill divulged what he had been up to at his friends 30th birthday party… 

“My f**king neck is killing me due to a bouncy castle accident at my friend’s 30th birthday party in Ibiza last week. I’ve been smoking joints and staying off my feet for the last few days. Doctors orders.”

We were lucky enough to catch up with one third of Magnetic Man in September as we found out what Artwork had been up to over the summer. Along with finding out about his plans to create one seriously cosy DJ setup by transforming the DJ booth into a living room at The Nest London, Artwork was on hand to let us know about one of his highlights of the year at XOYO’s 3rd birthday…

“We did blow up 400 balloons with laughing gas to give out and had 99 red balloons ready to play but they all deflated in an hour which was a very sorry sight, should have paid more attention in science I guess.”

Artwork Living Room

Sigma have had had a pretty huge year, from their debut album being released to headlining The Warehouse Project with their live band, the duo has established themselves as one of the biggest electronic acts about. We got the chance to chat to one half of the drum & bass duo when we caught up with Cameron to chat about Sigma’s early days in Leeds. This led onto talking about one of the biggest sound system parties in Leeds, SubDub, which is still very much a factor in the Leeds scene. For all those that have experienced The Iration Steppas sound system, Cameron can be forgiven for his insightful explanation of what it’s like to experience that amount of bass…

“SubDub was wicked, it was one of those events back then where you'd worry about your ears if you were stood next to the speakers for too long, the sub would pretty much make you s**t your pants, it was incredible!”

Words by Elliot Ryder
Main photo courtesy of Andy C

In Conversation: Top quotes of 2015

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