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In Review: ALTER 1st Birthday - Ø [Phase] & Rrose

In Review: ALTER 1st Birthday - Ø [Phase] & Rrose

ALTER 1st Birthday
Ø [Phase] & Rrose
Friday 19th Feb
Mint Club, Leeds

ALTER was welcomed back to Mint for its 1st birthday celebrations following a year which has seen the brand solidify their position among the ever expanding landscape of Leeds’s electronic music scene. Guests over the course of the year such as Efdemin, Answer code request, Trevino and Matthew Johnson highlight ALTER’s ambition to create a dark aesthetic, distinguish itself within Leeds.

ALTER 1st Birthday Flyer

ALTER pulled out another stellar lineup to mark its first year celebrations, welcoming long time Token Records ambassador Ø [Phase] to mark the occasion. Joining Ø [Phase] is none other than Eaux executive and Sandwell District representative Rrose. Upon arrival the room was packed with a crowd comprising of student ravers and seasoned party goers, already unified in an amalgamation of raw energy and celebration. There is no doubt that anyone was here by accident. ALTER resident and co-founder Animist expertly guided the crowd with an immersive set of dubbed out chords and spacey grooves, paving way for the night ahead.

As Rrose takes to the stage, the apprehension and excitement is prominent within the club as people eagerly congregate around the DJ booth to observe what the enigmatic Californian has to offer. The mood is swiftly intensified as Rrose delivers a solid live set of brooding acidic excursions, demonstrating Rrose’s extreme obsession with sound design and manipulation. It is hard not to feel consumed by the squelches and squeals resonating from the impeccable Funkion One sound system, slowly being controlled by every slight adjustment and alteration. A solid rendition of Waterfall demonstrates the precise tension in which Rrose uses in order to manipulate the crowd and providing a personal highlight of the set.

Ø [Phase] takes to the decks, abruptly pounding the crowd out of their trance like state with each thump of the sledge hammer kick drums emitted from the speakers. The industrial driven stompers associated with the London producer’s style feels right at home under Mint’s technicolor ceiling, with quick outbursts of light and hypnotic beeps transporting us to a dark nuclear bunker. You can tell Ø [Phase] is no stranger to the club setting as he imperceptibly shifts from one track to another with an old school mixing style prevalent, rapidly flickering faders and cutting between tracks, showing no sign of slowing as the night progressed by relentlessly building momentum. The crowd was skilfully and tactically worked throughout the set with the sounds of the amazing Jeff Rushin track Enigma creating the perfect euphoric peak.

ALTER once again left a crowd feeling satisfied by the unique and refreshing party experience, further establishing themselves as one of the leading brands in presenting forward thinking artists in an inviting and stimulating environment. With an increasing interest rising in the techno scene, the future looks bright with an exciting future on the horizon for the ALTER crew. 

Words by Ross Scarth
Photos courtesy of Ø [Phase]

In Review: ALTER 1st Birthday - Ø [Phase] & Rrose

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