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[Interview] Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom & Shonky)

[Interview] Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom & Shonky)

Since officially joining forces in the form of their formidable back-to-back-to-back DJ outfit as well as the Apollonia label, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky have managed to breath new life into their already lengthy, well crafted careers. 

Ahead of a string of UK dates over the coming months including Circus' infamous Boxing Day Party later this month we were lucky enough to have the trio open up on their back-to-back-to-back sets, their love for DC10, Christmas traditions and more.

a trio you work incredibly well together. What different elements and characteristics do you each feel you bring that results in this?

It’s working because we’ve known each other as friends and DJs for 15 years now, and this has created an amazing natural synergy between us.

You've all always been friends, but since joining forces for your famed b2b2b sessions how have you learned more about building your sets together?

Our game is always to try to bring the best records to surprise each other and create a good atmosphere. The fact that we play so often together brings another level our to individual inspiration. We always learn a lot about each other.

When playing back-to-back it's not always one record each for some people, especially when there's more than two DJs in the mix.  You're pretty strict on your one-record-each philosophy. Why is that?

The main thing when we play as Apollonia is that we want to sound as one artist. The one record each thing is just bringing more organisation. In this case, the gaps of time is nearly the same when u have to put the next record. It keeps you focused. It's the best way for us to create a hypnotic journey.

When Carlos Hawthorn of Resident Advisor discussed your all night long b2b2b at DC10 this summer he was said that it “went down in many peoples' books as one of the parties of the summer”. Was it your party of the summer and what makes DC10 the obvious choice for you to showcase Apollonia?

It’s very simple, DC10 is our musical home with long residencies there. The first Apollonia event had to be there. We could feel the energy of the people on the island supporting us for so many years. We had our crew working so well on the island for the success of the night. To have made it happen at DC10 means a lot to us!

What does 2014 hold for the Apollonia label?

Well, we just released Ometeo EP from Dan, with a remix by Dyed. Moving into 2014 we have the long awaited repress of Kerri Chandler’s bomb Sunday Sunlight with a remix by Delano Smith. And right now we are working hard in the studio in Berlin on the debut Apollonia LP… exciting stuff!

Your love for Prince is well documented, as is the inspiration he has given electronic music, from the likes of Jeff Mills to Derrick May to Moodymann. But, apart from your Apollonia guise, what inspiration have you taken from Prince?

What we like about Prince is how he defined his own genre. He talks about the Minneapolis sound which is a mix between white soul and black music. We decided to call ourselves Apollonia because this concept really resonated with us.  

Next month you'll be playing for Yousef at the Circus Boxing Day Party (Liverpool, UK), but apart from the gigs what do your Christmas' usually look like? Do you have any traditions you like keep? 

Spending family time of course but we always make sure that we organise a dinner with the three of us and with our close friends, which always ends in a massive after party!

You recently played in Newcastle and as well as the upcoming gig in Liverpool, and you'll be playing Manchester over the coming month. Do you enjoy playing in the North of England?

The North of England has always been one of the most crazy places for clubbing! You can feel this tradition and we love it!

Buy tickets now and catch Apollonia at Mint Club (Leeds - Saturday 22nd February 2014)

Interview by Alex Ogilvie
Images courtesy of Lola Ed, The Warehouse Project, Circus and Mint Club. 

[Interview] Apollonia (Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom & Shonky)

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