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[Interview] Back to Basics 21st Birthday

[Interview] Back to Basics 21st Birthday

We’re now just two weeks away from Back to Basics’ 21st Birthday celebrations at The Garage with Chez Damier, Luke Solomun, Laura Jones, Maurice Fulton and “hands down, (the) best residents in the world!” For part 2 of our

We’re now just two weeks away from Back to Basics’ 21st Birthday celebrations at The Garage with Chez Damier, Luke Solomun, Laura Jones, Maurice Fulton and “hands down, (the) best residents in the world!”

For part 2 of our Back to Basics 21st Birthday interview series we talk to long standing resident, Buckley about his favourite Basics guests, the unity and love that’s kept the club so strong and more.

Coming up soon... Interviews with Ralph Lawson and Dave Beer.


Who have been your favourite guests at Basics that you always want to have back to play with?

I’ve had the pleasure of warming up, taking over from and playing back to back with most of who I see as the best DJs that are out there since my residency at basics but if I have to name one guest then it would have to be Derrick Carter, no contest for me.  One of my first advertised gigs at Basics was warming up for Derrick Carter.  I was so excited, it was a big deal for me, playing basics and with Carter, he was without doubt my biggest influence at the time too and I always made a point of playing the Carter nights if I could.  On a few levels too you knew you were going to hear and witness something special with D and the crowd would come out all in the same mind set too of ‘tonight is going to be the shit and we are going to have a mint time’ so people would be hitting the dance floor as soon as the doors were open and they would hit it cheering and arms waving and the night would remain like that so then the warm ups became like the closing sets as far as crowd reaction.  So yeah, always Dez.  However, they are many many other DJs who I’ve always loved playing with... Justin Long was always a jam and Chris Duckenfield who is one of my fave DJs, he’s right up there for me.  They’re the kind of guests I always want to spin with when they return to basics.

Over the years you have held some residencies for some of the most important house music nights in the country like Renaissance, Just Jack and of course your residency at The Hacienda.  What in particular is unique about Back to Basics?

I guess it’s a number of things that get thrown into the melting pot which make Basics unique.  The spirit that Basics was originally born out of has never left and if anything it’s got stronger and that is really unique.  It’s not something that you can really put into words, it’s more a shared knowing and feeling that is shared by the core and it fuels all involved and I’ve never really seen that kind of close family vibe with any other club I have been involved with or visited for a night out.  I love you guys so much for that!  That and hands down, best residents in the world!

If you could only name a few Basics parties from over the years that really stick in your memory, what would they be?

My fave home for basics since I have been resident would have to be Stinky’s.  Just based on pure hands in the air party's and amazing crowds.  I had some of my best sets at Stinky’s, real wow, fuck me, that’s as good as it gets kinda moments.

In your eyes, what’s the special ingredient that has given the club such longevity?

I would have to answer this in a similar way as to question 2 and say it’s down to the spirit of Basics,  that and the fact that we mean it, we really do.  We live and breath Basics.  Always have.  That combined with Dave Beer’s passion which we all also share

and the determination and inspiration that we share as residents and also combined with the dedication of our family/crowd at Basics who allow us to do this... That’s what gives us longevity!


Back to Basics 21st Birthday [Part 2]
Saturday 24
th November

The Garage, Leeds

Chez Damier
Luke Solomun
Laura Jones
Maurice Fulton
+ Residents (Ralph Lawson, Tristan Da Cunha, Buckley, James Holroyd, Burnski, Frenchy)

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Article by Alex Ogilvie

Image courtesy Ibiza Voice

[Interview] Back to Basics 21st Birthday

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