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[Interview] Butch

[Interview] Butch

Butch is a breath of fresh air in a techno landscape plagued by over sincerity and a mass of DJs and producers who take themselves far too seriously.  Not afraid to make a joke (made clear by some of his recent social media activities) or take risks when in the studio, Butch continues to push the envelope for the sound he is developing for himself. To use a cliche... it is truely difficult to pigeon hole an artist like this whose productions and DJ sets intertween and blend music from all corners of the underground. 

Check out recent interview with the man himself below.

Hi Butch! How are you doing?

Great! Thanks for asking. I'm quite busy with the upcoming album with Hohberg, we're making progress, working and having fun. Are you good?

A quick word first on what you’ve been getting up to over the last couple of months. Back in September you had 4 dates over in Australia. Is there anything about the parties over there that make them unique to the rest of the world?

Australia is always a joy! But what makes a gig unique is seldom something you can put your finger on. Usually it just boils down to the vibe and the interaction with the crowd. As cliché as it might sound, it's still true. The gigs in Australia definitely always have magic in them.

The month after, you were invited to play at Amnesia’s closing party with the likes of Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn and tINI. How was this experience and do you have any fond memories of that night?

I'd love to share a really great anecdote, but I can't really think of a super-specific incident which sums the craziness of this great night up neatly. All I know is that I loved every minute of it, seeing all the lovely people again and I'm really looking forward to the next season on Ibiza.

Butch - Amnesia Closing 2014

Butch - Amnesia Closing 2014

Your new release on Desolat, ‘Sinus Tones & 808s’ has been picked up a lot of attention and has been heard in the sets of Sable Sheep and Traumer to name just a few. It has to be said that compared to many of todays music producers you are a lot more adventurous and creative when it comes to rhythm and your general style. Why do you experiment so much?

To me experimentation is a necessity I can't even think living without. I need to explore, try new things and venture forth. This drive is deeply rooted within me, it's just a part of my nature.

Having seen brief glimpses of your studio, it’s obvious you have a love of hardware and appreciate technicality. Do you have a favourite piece of gear that you will always use on a track?

My MPC is definitely very close to my heart. We've been working together for ages now and our relationship is still very strong, intimate and lovingly kind. I think my MPC understands me in ways no one else ever can ;)

And when you’re in the studio, is there anything you do before or after you start making music that has become a habit or rather a ritual, whether it be sitting with a pet or remembering to put on a hipster hat?

Every good day starts with a cup of coffee!

Do you have any other releases that are due out soon that you can tell us about?

I've just finished mixing the new Watergate Mix, which I'm really glad to be releasing soon. And of course my collabo-album with Hohberg is looming on the horizon.

In November you are coming over to England for your only gig in the UK this year. Do you have a favourite English DJ or producer right now, and why them?

England has always spawned amazing musicians. I guess one of my all-time favourite producers is James Holden. A fresh face on the DJ circuit I really enjoy is Ben UFO. Props out to him!

Thanks for answering our questions.

Thank you for the friendly chat!


Interview by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of Global Publicity and Amnesia 

[Interview] Butch

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