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[Interview] Deniz Koyu talks influences, studio

[Interview] Deniz Koyu talks influences, studio

After the great success of Mint Festival, and more specifically the Bitch arena, Bitch returns to Leeds this month for a special event at Mint Warehouse. Ahead of Bitch’s return to Leeds, their headline act Deniz Koyu took some time out from

After the great success of Mint Festival, and more specifically the Bitch arena, Bitch returns to Leeds this month for a special event at Mint Warehouse.

Ahead of Bitch’s return to Leeds, their headline act Deniz Koyu took some time out from his busy schedule to take some questions.  Here’s the result.


Hey Deniz, you will be playing at Mint for Bitch in November. What are your experiences of playing in the UK in the past?

My experience of playing in the UK has always been amazing so far. I played from small intimate clubs to VIP clubs up to Ministry Of Sound London but it was always super fun. You guys seem to know how to party!

What’s the story of how you ended up making Dance music?

First I learnt to play the piano when I was a kid. Then later I got fascinated by the world of synthesizers and music programs, and I had a passion for being creative at the computer. This together eventually led me into experimenting with electronic music, and house music quickly became my favorite genre.

Who were the artists that shaped who you are today?

Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk in my young teenage years, then later I got into the really early stuff of Axwell, Eric Prydz, Trentemøller and more.

You’ve definitely hit world stage at the right time with the EDM surge, which you’re no doubt a part of, how does it feel to see Dance music blow up in such a big way?

It's awesome to see the huge commercial success of Dance music as a worldwide phenomenon right now. But to be honest I totally wouldn't care if that wasn't the case and Dance music would not be mass compatible, not crossover into radio and remain in the clubs only. I make this music cos I truly love it, not for the reason of commercial success in that sense.

One track you’re very likely to play at Bitch?

I guess that has to be Bong haha!

If we were the have a look around in your studio, what would we find?

You’re known for your huge lead synth-lines, have you got any top tips for producers trying to work towards a sound similar to yours?

At the beginning of this year I started working at Fedde Le Grand's Flamingo HQ as he offered me his second studio room which is a really high-end workplace. It features a fully isolated room-in-room design with huge custom built speakers and perfect acoustics. Apart from that all hardware I use is a fast PC machine, a big master keyboard and one Virus TI. However, I made all my tracks from 2011 including Tung!, Hertz and my remix of James Blunt "Dangerous" with Johan Wedel in my old small and crappy home studio inside my apartment. So it really is not necessary to have any fancy equipment to make great music and a fat sound. Just make sure you get some decent speakers and your room acoustics are not too bad. Then again I know from a lot of great producers that they do 90% of their work just on a laptop with headphones, so in the end it only comes down to experience and practicing.

What do you have lined up for the rest of 2012?

I did a collab together with Dirty South which hopefully gets released in 2012 yet when the timing goes right. And gig wise I have a lot of really exciting shows coming up towards the end of the year like XS Vegas with Tiesto, Mysteryland Chile or Palladium in LA with Dirty South and Arty to name a few.

What does it take to make it as a Dance music DJ/producer in 2012?

A laptop, some basic music software, a certain amount of talent and the enthusiasm and passion to spend at least 8 hours a day at the computer to learn all the tricks and techniques of modern music production.

Where’s your favourite place on earth and why?

That is a tough question as their are so many great places on earth but one of my favorites is Rio De Janeiro. It's a paradise on earth and really beautiful. If I had time for vacation now that would be my first choice.

If you had to go a week without either the internet or your phone which would it be?

Of course without my phone. With the Internet I can still do Skype calls hah!

Ibiza or Miami?

Miami to Ibiza



Saturday 17th November

Mint Warehouse, Leeds

Deniz Koyu



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Article by Alex Ogilvie

Image courtesy of Live For The Drop

[Interview] Deniz Koyu talks influences, studio

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