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[Interview] Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito

[Interview] Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito

Ahead of Fuse's debut in Leeds this weekend, we caught up with two of the brand's kingpins, Enzo Siragusa and Seb Zito, to talk summer memories, Fuse friendships, their love for Leeds for me.

Check out the full interview below and grab a ticket to system. presents 

Hi Enzo, and hello Seb! Firstly, as it’s sadly approaching the end of the summer, could we talk about what’s been going on with Fuse over the last few months, especially the Sankeys residency which has just closed for the winter? Has the party worked better on Tuesdays this year, and how has the season compared to previous runs for you both?

Seb - I think the energy of the party this year has been better, one thing that is always on point is the vibe, it’s like no other and it's something we have created and built over the past 6 years. Compared to other seasons this year has been chilled and productive for me personally, I’ve seen more beaches then clubs this year. That’s mainly down to my busy schedule outside of Ibiza. I’ve played most weekends so when I come back to the island I have one, maybe two days to prepare for my set at Fuse which normally rolls onto Wednesday then it's preparation time again for my weekend sets. So I haven’t had the time to indulge in Ibiza club land.

Enzo - Its been another great Summer. I don’t think any day works better than another in Ibiza as there is always something going on. Last year we were up against Paradise on a Wednesday, this year we had to contend with Carl Cox which is arguably the biggest night on the island. Every day is hard in terms of promotion in Ibiza, however I feel we have carved out our little place on the island giving people a different option to the glitz, glam and hype.

Have there been any particular weeks at Sankeys that you can vividly remember, be it standout guests or mental scenes in the club?

Seb - The resident parties are always my favourite because we’ve all worked so hard collectively to create this special vibe. So it’s nice to celebrate it together and just have some fun behind the decks. We’re all good friends and the energy between us shines through in what we play and I think it makes the party what it is today.

Enzo - I remember when Seb dropped an edit of the old garage classic Gabriel, the place went wild! I really enjoyed our residents parties too, like Seb said, it's where we do our thing. A few personal highlights were playing b2b with Sonja Moonear and Valentino Kanzyani, great DJs. The last record at every single party was special, always an intense feeling closing the party.

Enzo Siragusa b2b Sonja Moonear

Enzo Siragusa b2b Sonja Moonear - Sankeys Ibiza

Back closer to home the Fuse shows at Village Underground still have quite the status amongst more discerning clubbers in the UK. Are there many differences between the parties here and in Ibiza?

Seb - I don’t think so, like I said earlier the vibe is all ways on point no matter where in the world we hold parties. We also have a varied crowed at both parties maybe more so in London than in Ibiza.

Enzo - Obviously London is a very different place to Ibiza and the party has to be run in different way, however like Seb said, the underlying Fuse vibe seems to be the same anywhere we do a party. As it’s on a Sunday daytime in London, there is more of an after-party vibe and we tailor our music to that. Its probably a bit more pumping in Ibiza where people walk in ready to party from the off. But it's always Fuse!

Seb Zito Fuse London

Seb Zito - Fuse London - Village Underground

We know the Fuse family is a very close group and the friendships between all of the DJs are an important part of what you’ve got going on. How did these friendships come about, and do you think the label would be what it is today if you didn’t keep as close as you do?

Enzo - We all became friends raving together and now more friends have joined us from the Fuse dancefloor, which is really cool. We have all inspired and guided each other musically, technically as producers and DJs, so I feel it's been instrumental to the success of the labels and parties.

Seb - Being friends we’re all comfortable around each other so working in the studio is relaxed and also very entertaining. We all respect each other immensely and trust in each other’s ideas and visions which helps move the label forward.

Obviously it’s also important to nurture the up and coming talent alongside what you’ve already got going on with the residents, and this has been what the Infuse label focuses on. Are there any artists from that side of the imprint that standout for either of you?

Enzo - There are a few and what’s great is that most of them have also come from the Fuse dancefloor, I’ve seen all these guys raving hard on in front of me on many occasions. The likes of Archie Hamilton, Stuart Hawkins, Joseph Williams and Dan Farserelli from London. From further afield Ferro, Pelle & Roon from Amsterdam, Alci from Switzerland and Mariano Mateljan from Croatia standout. The Fuse net is cast wide and far thanks to Ibiza!

Seb - Joseph Williams for me is an exceptional talent from London, just like us guys he’s from the dancefloor and has raved at Fuse for years. He has that affinity with the dance floor, which for me is so important as a DJ.

Enzo, you’ve become a firm favourite in Leeds. Having played at multiple system. birthday events, as well as Cocoon In The Park and Mint Festival – when you hear from your agent that you’ve been booked in the city what are the first thoughts that pop into your head?

Enzo - The first thing I think is, I will need a late train or flight out of there and a couple of days off after to recover! It's my favourite place to play and party in the UK. A real home away from home for me.

Enzo Siragusa cocoon in the park

Enzo Siragua - Cocoon In The Park 2014

Next month there is also the showcase at ADE you’re also both appearing at. Has Fuse been taken to Amsterdam before?

Enzo - First time for Fuse in Amsterdam and at ADE. What’s great is that we are collaborating with the Karton boys, I mentioned Pelle & Roon before, real upcoming talents. It's great to be there at such a prestigious festival.

Seb - This will be my debut as a DJ but I have been to the festival a few times in the past as a clubber. It's one of the best and most respected events in the world so it’s a privilege, to not only be playing but representing Fuse.

You’re both playing in Leeds for the Fuse showcase at Mint Club on the 4th of October with Rossko and Rich NXT. I’m sure you’ve realised by now how much Leeds loves Fusic, what with many of the residents having played several times in the city. Now that you’re all coming back together, what can we expect from the whole Fuse family?

Enzo - Expect some forward thinking music, some Fuse classics and that infamous Fuse vibe. The residents parties are the best, and to be doing this in a city like Leeds makes it all the more special.

Seb - After my first DJ experience at Mint I’m super excited and I know that the rest of the guys are too. With that Leeds energy & our music I’m sure it’ll be an amazing night for everyone!


Catch Enzo Siragusa and Seb Zito alongside Rossoko & Rich NxT at Mint Club - Saturday 4th October - for Fuse's debut label showcase in Leeds. Buy Tickets.

system. presents Fuse - Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rossko & Rich NxT

Interview by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of Fuse, Cocoon In The Park and system. 

[Interview] Enzo Siragusa & Seb Zito

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