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[Interview] Jack Wickham

[Interview] Jack Wickham

Ahead of his set alongside Technasia and Uner this Saturday (6th December) at Egg London we caught up with one of the UK's most promision young DJs and producers, Jack Wickham.

Hi Jack! How are you doing today?

I’m very good! Busy at the moment so all is good.

We'll start by asking how the summer was for you? You had a pretty busy schedule by the sounds of things.

Summer was a weird one! Gigs were nicely spread out over the months so I managed to get a ridiculous amount of music made in preparation for the winter. Then August/September I was playing twice a week pretty much and I think I can speak for most artists, when it’s like that, no studio time gets done! Oh and had a mint surprise release on Richie Hawtin’s label, (M_nus) for the Enter Ibiza Compilation. 

Last month you celebrated your birthday at Chalet in Berlin. How did that come about and how was it

I’m good friends with Max who is one of the bookers at Chalet. With it been my 21st birthday I asked if I could possibly do a one off night with my say on bookings, friends playing etc. It was all agreed and we had Adam Shelton, Jan Krueger, Daze Maxim, Bella Sarris, Morgan, Ethan Mcnamara, Max and myself (and a couple more which I can’t name). But it was nice that I could get Ethan as it was his first time in Berlin and to play at Chalet is some way to break that in. The club was full too, right till midday when it finally finished. Not bad innings on a Thursday night. Midnight till midday!  

Obviously you’re still young for someone who is becoming well known on the underground circuit. Would you say this career has changed you much as a person?

I wouldn’t say my music has changed me. As I’ve not done what I’ve set out to do yet, so I’m still grafting as much as possible. The only thing that has changed me was the arrival of my little girl in summer 13’. It was a crazy and obviously totally new experience for me. I didn’t expect it to change my outlook on everything so much but it has. And I’m more determined than ever to do well. So you can expect plenty from me in 2015.

Looking towards your music, you have a wicked forthcoming release on Drumma Records that is due to hit the shelves very soon. Have you been sitting on these tracks for a while or did you make them specifically for this release?

This EP came about pretty randomly. I had done most of the tracks early in the year and one just before the summer. I’d kept hold of them like I do with most of my stuff and I’d just sent them to a few friends to play and they were getting good air time. So I knew they were doing the job, I then passed 5/6 tracks on to Felipe Venegas a good friend who owns Drumma. To have 4 originals on vinyl is pretty special for me. Usually they come with a remix or two. So it’s nice he has faith in my music. The feedback has been brilliant so far and has opened new windows for me, so it’s exciting! Release date for that is 09.12.14

Like all Drumma releases, it will also be pressed to vinyl. Are you a collector yourself? Do you have any favourite records, maybe one of ‘those’ that you shudder to imagine anything happening to?

Yeah I’m a collector. It’s an expensive hobby but luckily I get to do it for a job. So if I get shouted at for spending a fortune on records my excuse is always… ‘I need them for work’. I play a mixture of digital and vinyl during my sets. I don’t think you should be pinned to one or the other. It’s stupid. If you do that, you’re missing out on so much music. I won’t say too many of my favourites but, Kalk – Akasha is a special one. Expensive on discogs too!

Do you have any other releases or anything else in the pipeline you can let us in on?

Yeah, I won’t say too much just yet and there’s a couple which I can’t announce just yet and a few which are nearly confirmed. But I have music coming on FUSE, Tough Luck Records, Nordik Net and obviously Drumma, a mixture of singles, remixes and EPs. These are spread out over the next 4 months.

You are due to play at Egg in London on the 6th of December. The Flipside Sound System that’s installed there is quite spectacular. Have you played here before?

I’ve never been to Egg before and I’ve never heard of that soundsystem before. But people have said its one of the best to play on so I’m excited to hear what it’s got! 

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Interview by Josh Plews
Images courtesy of Jukebox PR

[Interview] Jack Wickham

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