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[Interview] Part 1 of our Back to Basics 21st

[Interview] Part 1 of our Back to Basics 21st

This month sees Leeds institution, Back to Basics, turn the ripe old age of 21 and to celebrate, we will be running a special set of interviews with some of the people right at the heart of Basics.  First up we turn to long standing resident

This month sees Leeds institution, Back to Basics, turn the ripe old age of 21 and to celebrate, we will be running a special set of interviews with some of the people right at the heart of Basics. 

First up we turn to long standing resident Tristan Da Cunha, and look back over his time with Basics and what it’s like at the clubnight’s new home, The Garage.

Coming up soon... Interviews with Ralph Lawson, Buckley and Dave Beer.


As well as being a resident, you’re also involved from the side of one of Basics’ venues, The Garage.  It must be amazing to have your two loves collide like that...

 Yeah it's a real honour to be part of both and i'm really happy to play an important part in the next incarnation of the ever evolving Basics life cycle. 

 The Vibe of Basics totally suits the space of the Garage … raw , dark and "basic" in the mainroom and nice and plush in Waxwerks for room 2 playing alternative sounds with a sleazy speakeasy feel to it. When we were in the preliminary stages of the Garage's development it was plain to see just looking round the place that it was perfect for Basics and would really cement the underground ethos that Basics holds true. Our hearts are in it for all the right reasons and as the saying goes … "Home is where the heart is. "

What’s been your favourite Basics memory since the move to The Garage?

 Hmmmm always a difficult one to put a finger on as we had so many good nights … I loved the My Love Is Underground 1st residency night as those guys are like family to me, so it was nice for us all to be together raising the roof with loads of killer old school house tunes getting dropped all night. The vibe was electric to say the least. I also loved the vibe the night Frenchy got his "Nighthood" and became an official resident… again the vibes were off the scale for that too. I'm seriously looking forward to the 21st birthday part 2 here though with Chez Damier , Maurice Fulton , Laura Jones , Luke Solomon and all the residents … that is gonna be one craaaaazzzy party if the last birthday was anything to go by. Love the "back to the future" theme too. 

Can you remember your first gig at Basics? What was it like?

 I can remember it like it was yesterday surprisingly …. Rewind to millennium NYE 1999 / 2000 … I was working in Barking records with Paul Woolford , he came in the shop and said "I'm doing the backroom at Basics (Mint Club) on NYE", I was well chuffed for him as it was sacred ground for us because we used to go every week and dance on the floor. Then he said "yeah and you're doing it with me " … My head exploded with excitement and nerves and I was overjoyed and shitting my pants at the same time. I remember starting with my first record "Love Songs" by Chocolate City on Deep Dish recordings. I'll never forget it either as the deck had sticky buttons and I pressed 33rpm but it stayed on 45rpm unbeknown to me. I kicked the record in at the wrong speed , nearly died of embarrassment then quickly rewound it and reset to the correct speed. I got over it pretty quickly and proceeded to get busy and enjoy myself. I obviously did well or else I wouldn't be writing this now. Seriously, I could have died when that record kicked in at the wrong speed. Just shows you though that it's ok to make mistakes sometimes … not everyone or every night is perfect. You just got to do your best.   

Dave Beer has achieved so much with Back to Basics, what do you think keeps him going? 

 I think it's a mixture of a huge Heart , plenty determination , big balls , stupidity & lots of love … Dave knows that Basics isn't just about him and I think sometimes he's kept it going for others at the expense of himself sometimes. It's been a long roller coaster ride … the kind of ride that you could only come through if you had all of the above characteristics and a lot of friends and family who share the same vision and love.  I'm so proud that we have kept our fists up and heads high and marched on into these promising new times ahead of us. Viva Basics . X 


Back to Basics 21
st Birthday [Part 2]
Saturday 24
th November

The Garage, Leeds

Chez Damier
Luke Solomun
Laura Jones
Maurice Fulton
+ Residents (Ralph Lawson, Tristan Da Cunha, Buckley, James Holroyd, Burnski, Frenchy)

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Article by Alex Ogilvie

Image courtesy of Tristan Da Cunha

[Interview] Part 1 of our Back to Basics 21st

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