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[Interview] Stacey Pullen

[Interview] Stacey Pullen

Ahead of his much anticipated extended set in Liverpool this coming Sunday, for promoters RUBIX, at The Garage we caught up with Detroit second wave artist Stacey Pullen and talked Frankie Knuckles, Detroit, Liverpool and more.

As everybody knows, it's been a sad time since the passing of Frankie Knuckles. Can you tell us about your first introduction to his music and how he has influenced your music?

When I was in college I use to trade cassette tapes with my friends from Chicago, I traded Detroit techno tapes for Chicago house tapes and there were tracks of Frankie with Jamie Principle that had me loving his tracks from day one. This was back in 1987. I went to this club in Chicago called Medusa and Lil Louis use to drop Frankie’s tracks also.

Growing up with the likes of Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson as your mentors must have been an incredible experience. If you had to pick a few lessons they taught you, what would they be?

Derrick showed me how to enjoy the success of being an artist, Juan was responsible for all of us and Kevin showed me that you can cross genres and have commercial success even when you’re still underground.

Moving forward the present day, how has your approach to production changed?

Sort of kinda, with so much technology in arms reach it's kinda hard not to have a different approach.  But when it comes to the basics, that’s never going to change because it’s was learned at a time when I was learning about how to communicate with myself and the machines.

A lot of Detroit producers and DJs move away from the city after a making a name for themselves. What has kept you in the city? Would you ever consider leaving?

The fact that I get a chance to travel is the reason why I’ve stayed in detroit. If I didn’t get a chance to see the world, I would’ve left years ago, but I used to live in Amsterdam in 1993 but I returned to create my foundation.

Later this month you'll be playing in Liverpool, England. We believe this is where you first met good friend Nic Fanciulli who has just released your Get Loose track? Can you tell us a bit more about your friendship?

Nic is probably one of the coolest dudes in the industry. We met in Liverpool at Yousef’s Circus gigs and we lost contact but we ran into each other years later and it was good to get back in touch with him. The Saved family have been very good friends as well.

What are the first five records that come to mind when planning your sets at the moment?

Elio Riso - It’s All Right
Brothers In Progress - Emotionique
Nathan Barato - Can you hear me
Sergio Fernandez - Tribehouse
Paco Maroto - Old School

Finally, what does the rest of 2014 hold for you and Blackflag Records?

I have releases coming from Youcef Elaid, Sergio Fernandez, myself, Diego Infanzon and many more.

Stacey Pullen will join the White Brothers on Sunday 20th April at The Garage Liverpool for RUBIX. Grab one of the last remaining tickets now.

RUBIX with Stacey Pullen (extended set) & White Brothers (Italy)

Follow Stacey Pullen on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Interview by Alex Ogilvie
Images courtesy of Rebel Butterfly PR and RUBIX

[Interview] Stacey Pullen

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