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[Interview] The Martinez Brothers

[Interview] The Martinez Brothers

Last week we were lucky enough to catch up with oen of the hottest duos in house and techno at the moment, The Martinez Brothers. The Bronx born brother partnership, still deep in their youth, have taken the underground by the scruff of the neck of late - not least through their residency at DC10 for Circo Loco.

This coming Friday (1st November) Chris and Steve Martinez will be joined by Get Physical boss DJ T at Mint Warehouse (Leeds, UK) courtesy of Apogee and the Audio Doughnuts 3rd Anniversary tour - Tickets On Sale Now.  

Be sure to check out the full interview below where the duo chat ADE Amsterdam, family values, their 5 hottest records of the moment and more - as well as their recent contribution to the legendary Essential Mix series. 

You've just spent some time in Amsterdam for ADE. How was your time there?

Was awesome, was actually really chill for us. We played at Paradise and it was a great party in a really awesome venue. Good times all around.

It's well documented how integral your dad was to your early success.  Is he still as involved today?

Us and Pop are always in constant communication; about music, about music business, he's always going to have an influence in what we do and we wouldn't have it any other way.

How do you feel your early musical experiences in churches has affected your present day productions and DJing?

It definitely helped us get used to playing in front of people, so when we started DJing that wasn't really an issue. Also just basic rhythm, which is probably the most important part of DJing - maintaining and building flow and rhythm.

As true music heads, beyond house and techno what have you been listening to in 2013?

Damn it's a long list. We've been listening to everything from Bobby Womack, to David Axelrod, Madlib and J Dilla are obviously always on rotation. We've been getting heavily into disco as well as of late, a lot of Rinder & Lewis and really been digging up some old Detroit; Metroplex and Transmat stuff, we could keep going but you get it.

How do you feel about the emphasis the media puts on your youth?

We love it, keep us in the youth category as long as you possibly can because we're in no rush to grow up. But in reality, the youth are taking over so many different aspects of artistic culture right now, that it shouldn't be as much of a surprise these days.

How important for each of you has it been to be doing this with your brother? If you were unrelated individuals do you think you would have made it?

If we were unrelated but still shared the same mentality and feelings that we do, then absolutely I think we would be successful. But then again, if we weren't related, it would mean that we wouldn't have had our dad as the influence, so then maybe not, who knows. As we are today, our brotherly bond is what makes us who we are, and it's a beautiful thing to share that with one another.

In your recent feature video with Resident Advisor, your dad says that what you have achieved so far is only a little success and not a big success. Would you agree?

We still have a lot of things we want to accomplish, so we share his same opinion, and in doing so we just keep pushing, never becoming complacent.

To finish, can you let us in on 5 of your hottest records of the moment?

DJ Disciple - Ten Steps To Heaven

Green Velvet - The Stalker

Model 500 - The Chase

Filter Queens - Banana Rhumba

Underground Crew - Country Wire


Check out the The Martinez Brothers on Twitter and Facebook.

Interview/article by Alex Ogilvie

[Interview] The Martinez Brothers

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