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[Interview] We chat to manager of The Hifi Club, Kellie ahead the arrival of Onra, The Gaslamp Killer and Eglo Records at the venue

[Interview] We chat to manager of The Hifi Club, Kellie ahead the arrival of Onra, The Gaslamp Killer and Eglo Records at the venue

How has 2013 been so far at Hifi? What gigs and nights spring to mind?

This year we've had a 49 day straight stint of being open daily; something a lot of nightclubs couldn't boast.  We've been both lucky and proud!

We've got a lot of Live stuff booked in from all corners of the Live spectrum and have been blessed with the honour of an Onra debut as well as an Eglo showcase June 9th featuring the Eglo Live band, Fatima Arp 101 and Alexander Nut. One of Giles Peterson's Bands of 2011, Saltwater Samurai,was another special moment this year as well as IKESTRA down at the Joint.

Over the next two months, you have Onra and The Gaslamp Killer at the club. What attracted you to these bookings?

We wanted to raise the profile of the club even further, and remind people we have always been the number one for Live music and the alternative experience. Gaslamp's physicality during his sets and the importance of his affiliations with regards to emerging scenes and Live electronic performances made him an obvious choice. Low end Theory and Brainfeeder are inescapable if trying to engage with that side of Live performance and Gaslamp is quite literally 'the Face' people instantly recognise when thinking about the scene. He's a great vehicle for infiltrating that LA sound as he has all the fresh beats from the rest of the camp!



Onra makes sexy music and his Live show is hard to come by in the UK, it felt paramount and long overdue to get him to these northern Parts. His sound crosses over nicely with our Funk Soul Nation event and so we felt we already had the reputation in that area to use our Friday format to showcase 'future funk' to the kids ;) My event partner Tom Alcott and I wanted to use our own club nights previously to do the gig but it's only since coming into my role as assistant at the club that I've had the platform to make it happen so it's a dream realised for us!

The Eglo Records live band are set to perform at the club in June. Can you tell us a bit about how showcasing live acts fits into the ethos of the venue...

The venue has had the longest running free live music event in the north with Sunday Joint and it's a natural progression to expand that to include other less conventional types of live performance now that the term LIVE itself means so much more than it used to as a result of emerging and evolving electronic genres. We've always had a strong identity for solid, movement driven clubnights and being at the forefront of underground scenes sits comfortably with the authenticity the venue is renowned for due to the nature of our in houses Move on Up and Funk Soul Nation and the likes of the Central Soul club.



Are these three bookings a sign of things to come at the club in the future?

Certainly, summer aside we're looking at monthly reveals! There's already a couple of secrets I'm sitting on that we can't wait to announce but you'll have to wait until September!

The Hifi Club is famed for it's eclectic output. How does this affect the way you approach your booking process?

The only way it effects the process is to make sure each external club night have strong enough identities that they stand as institutions on their own so that what falls the day after can be completely different and it not matter. People are able to decide what's for them, fully engage, and yet avoid anything they feel falls outside of their taste. 

If you had to describe Hifi Club in 3 words, what would they be?

Against the grain.


Friday 12th April

The Hifi Club, Leeds


The Gaslamp Killer
Thursday 9th May

The Hifi Club, Leeds


Eglo Records Takeover
Thursday 6th June

The Hifi Club, Leeds
ARP 101
Alexander Nut


Article by Alex Ogilvie
Images courtesy of The Hifi Club

[Interview] We chat to manager of The Hifi Club, Kellie ahead the arrival of Onra, The Gaslamp Killer and Eglo Records at the venue

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