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Jungle Jam turn 9 with Grooverider & MC Bassman, Benny Page + More

Jungle Jam turn 9 with Grooverider & MC Bassman, Benny Page + More

Genre’s come and go, as is in the nature of Electronic music. There’s always something new developing in clubs around the UK and the rest of the world, whether it was the first coming of Dubstep, the recent House renaissance or the growing community’s of younger genre’s such as Footwork. Jungle however, has for a long time been a rock of UK underground music; shaping the rave scene in a much deeper and profound way then many other similarly mature genres can claim. Jungle is claimed as an influence or an interest by a plethora of varied artists across a wide range of musical styles, some of which have very little in common with it (at least at first glance). Just take for example Shadowchild’s “In Search of 94 mix” of Justin Martin’s “Riding Spaceships”, the amen breaks are uncompromised, yet this is an artist who many would hold up as one of the biggest of recent years’ new faces of house. But he, like many others, grew up partly on Jungle’s unique flavour.  

Jungle has a nicely unique appeal. It’s not necessarily just one for the heads (although it has no shortage of serious fans), nor is it for the casual raver, who since coming to university discovered music outside of the Top 40 for the first time. Instead, in it's own way caters for everyone who just wants to have a good time to some high octane music; whether they have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Aphrodite’s Discography or just saw “Human Traffic” for the first time and want to get a piece of the action. As long as you are willing to let loose, you will be welcomed into Jungle’s open arms.

Assuming you meet the basic criteria, all that’s left is to find the right night and it’s hard to find something much better than the Jungle Jam 9th Birthday. With a lineup of over 30 artists across 3 arenas, which boasts some of Jungle and Drum and Bass’s biggest names, it’s no wonder why Jungle Jam is one of Jungle’s favourite Sons. Grooverider, Bad Company UK and Nicky Blackmarket to name a few, will be gracing the dance floors of Mint Warehouse with their own individual styles and interpretations of the genre which the night represents. Grooverider who is recognized universally as one of the godfathers of Jungle and Drum and Bass will be playing a “20 Years of Jungle” 90-minute set. This should be a guaranteed must-see, not just because of his undisputed skill as a DJ, but also due to the fact that he is one of the few DJ’s and producers around who actually has over 20 years experience in the game to deliver on that kind of promise. Let’s just say there’s a reason the world renowned taste-maker has been inducted into the “Drum and Bass Arena Hall of Fame” alongside the likes of Andy C, Dillinja and Goldie.

Bad Company UK will be another special experience who instead bring to the table a “Classics Tear Out” set. Bad Company was one of Drum and Bass’s “super-groups”. Comprised of dBridge, DJ Fresh, Maldini and Vegas, they put out some of the era’s best-known tracks such as “Planet Dust” and “The Nine”. Since the good ol’days, dBridge and Fresh have gone on to pursue other projects in the scene, but Maldini and Vegas still operate under the moniker Bad Company UK and will bring some serious fire to the decks that can only be born from being some of the genre’s greatest.

Nicky Blackmarket will take to the decks with a set touted as a “Stevie Hyper D Tribute”. A homage to the only MC so far inducted into the “Drum and Bass Arena Hall of Fame” for pioneering “double-time chat in jungle drum & bass” as well as helping to “elevate the profile of the MC beyond host to that of a lyricist”. MC’s are a core part of Jungle and Drum and Bass, providing the hype as well as the personality, which such raves require. Taking this into account, the set should be a crash course in what made Hyper D as well as his successors in the scene not only relevant, but essential. Expect some heavy rollers to complement the men on the mic’s flow, as well as some classics, which Stevie Hyper D would’ve torn up in his day.

Benny Page, Serial Killaz, Randall, The Ragga Twins… with over 30 artists to offer and many of them deserving their own paragraph, there’s simply not enough space here to do all of Jungle Jam’s lineup justice. The best advice would be just to fork out what you would otherwise likely spend on a regrettable takeaway or two and go experience what can only be described as a night of epic proportions. Given that the night will be running through to 7am, it’s a sure bet you’ll get more than your money’s worth in entertainment as well as some great memories (albeit hazy ones) to boot.

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 Jungle Jam 9th Birthday


Article by Arthur Seaward
Images courtesy of Jungle Jam and djsets.co.uk 

Jungle Jam turn 9 with Grooverider & MC Bassman, Benny Page + More

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