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In Conversation: Better Lost Than Stupid

In Conversation: Better Lost Than Stupid

Elliot Ryder | Latest News

With the ability to intrigue simply by the power of its name, the exploits of Better Lost Than Stupid were never going to reside in enigmatic shadow for too long. Following an impromptu back to back set in 2010, Better Lost Than Stupid - comprising of Matthias TanzmannMartin Buttrich and Davide Squillace - began to make a series of one off appearances under their newly formed moniker, with a rapturous set at this year’s BPM festival signaling a new era for the project.

Sensing the opportunity to establish the project in its own right, Better Lost Than Stupid embarks on a debut tour this month, culminating at Circus in Liverpool on Saturday 25th February. Wanting to dig deep into the the fibres that make up Better Lost Than Stupid, we took the opportunity to chat to Martin and Davide about the dynmics of the the project.

First things first, in regards to the name of the project, why Better Lost Than Stupid? A unifying state of mind, perhaps?
You could say that, but it’s also a representation of our approach to music and life. Our main goal is to create a fun atmosphere through our music and stage production, something you’ll see during our tour. 

Secondly, in contrast to the name given to the project, was there a defining moment of clarity that set Better Lost Than Stupid in motion?
The project was born when the three of us were asked to play together at Electric Zoo Festival in New York 2010. It went so well that we decided to take it to the next level.

It’s been stated that you have been hard at work to take Better Lost Than Stupid up a level in 2017. Since first coming together in 2010, what elements of the project have been developed in an attempt to achieve your vision?
When it comes to our stage production, we will be pulling out all the stops to create a unique experience, for example we’ve previously had polar bears and rock stars incorporated into our stage design. You’ll just have to wait and see to find out what we have in store for the tour.

When Better Lost Than Stupid take to the decks, to what extent does it is feel like more of a performance than a regular b2b2b set?
Wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a performance but it is definitely a lot more fun playing as a group.

b2b sets sometimes come in for a little bit criticism, even going as far as being portrayed solely as a means for selling out clubs and festivals. On the other hand, it can be argued that a whole new dimension of DJing, track selection and energy can be unlocked through a shared experience behind the decks. Where do Better Lost Than Stupid stand on the matter?
Well for Better Lost Than Stupid, it’s more than just us playing b2b as we’ve steered away from using our individual names and come together as a group. We find the experience to be incredible; we bounce off each other really well. We follow each other’s lead when it comes to switching the tempo or mood and are quite free with what we play.

So far this year you have road tested the new and improved project at BPM Festival. How did you find the experience ahead of the upcoming tour?
It was incredible. There was an amazing atmosphere as always with BPM Festival – we ended up playing for six hours! It was a teaser for the audience and us of what’s to come so we’re really excited to start touring again.

Is it possible to clarify the rumours of album on the way in the near future? If so, what kind of material can we expect to emerge from the studio baring the Better Lost Than Stupid signature?
We can confirm that there is an album on the way that we have been working on recently. We can’t give too much away at the moment but it’s all going really well so far – we are all trying to do something new and separate from what each of us have done individually in the past.

Given you are all well established artists in your own right, are there any specific mechanics you incorporate regarding creative control of the project?
There’s not really anything specific that we each bring to the group. We try to steer away from what we do individually and just bring our skills and experiences to our productions and sets. We want it to be an entirely different experience to what you would usually get if you saw us individually.

You’ll be taking your alias to a number of clubs around Europe on tour through February before finishing up at Circus in Liverpool. Will you be looking to replicate a similar musical atmosphere and aesthetic at each of the shows on your tour?
Each show will be different, as we like to keep our sets new and exciting for each crowd we play to. The atmosphere will also differ as every country has a different vibe to it, but hopefully we’ll bring something uniquely Better Lost Than Stupid to each one.

Interview by Elliot Ryder
Photos courtesy of Better Lost Than Stupid

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In Conversation: Better Lost Than Stupid

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