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Mystic Bounce offer debut London shows for Chris Travis and Ace Tee
Mystic Bounce offer debut London shows for Chris Travis and Ace Tee
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The second Thursday of each month is a special time at XOYO, thanks largely to a group of basement dwellers known collectively as Mystic Bounce. Bridging the gap between hip-hop, RnB and other forms of beat-led electronic music, Mystic Bounce unite spectacular DJs to entertain the London crowds, and their next two events will see UK debuts for two fantastic hip-hop artists.

Joining on April 6th, WaterBoyz leader Chris Travis will lead the line with plenty of gusto, with Monte Booker and Moonbase sure to follow suit as they join Travis’ first European tour. The man from Memphis, Tennessee rode the fame wave after his track “Crunch Time’’ went viral in 2013, helping him to rack up nearly 9.5million views on YouTube, and as a member of collectives East Memphis Boys and SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ he is rapidly gaining a huge band of supporters.

Following up on Thursday 11th May, Hamburg’s Ace Tee will also make a London debut, building on the success of her own viral video for “Bist du down?”. Well past one and a half million views, the track has proven popular for its catchy vocals, 90s-esque production and stylish video, which has elevated Ace Tee to trendsetter status and seen German rap make rare inroads into non-German markets. She’ll provide her signature ice-cool as she rocks up to XOYO in May.

Photo courtesy of Ace Tee