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Nina Kraviz announces new label GALAXIID
Nina Kraviz announces new label GALAXIID
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A new sub-label of Nina Kraviz’ трип will be devoted to experimental, ambient and psychedelic music, with additional moves into events and books also expected of the GALAXIID imprint. Releasing tracks by the likes of Iceland’s Biogen and Russia’s Species of Fishes as well as old psychedelia from Japan and 70s Russia, the label will give Kraviz the chance to promote music which is not necessarily aimed at the dancefloor, offering a diversion from her usual course.

Nina will present GALAXIID to a huge audience when she arrives at Printworks in London on Saturday 25th March, for a day party that also includes 808 State, Bjarki, Luke Vibert and more. For anyone looking a bit further into the future, she’s also on the lineup for Field Day, which will take place on June 3rd at Victoria Park.

Photo courtesy of Tailored Communication