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Party crews aim to get young people voting

Party crews aim to get young people voting

Andrew Kemp | Latest News

A variety of influential players in the UK dance music scene are seeking to boost turnout among 18-24 year olds for the general election, with several artists speaking out to emphasise the importance of voting, and London radio station NTS having interrupted their broadcasting on Wednesday to allow listeners the time to register for the June 8th ballot. The move followed other examples of mobilisation through electronic music which have appeared across the country, with a secret party under the #Grime4Corbyn banner and a variety of other events seeking to promote and facilitate registration.

Online campaign #Grime4Corbyn last week announced that tickets to a secret party in London would be available for people who register to vote in the general election, entering those who sign into a ballot for free tickets as an incentive to take part in the election. In similar fashion, several Leeds based parties will be hoping that a last push before the registration deadline on Monday 22nd May will squeeze out precious votes from a demographic that is traditionally the least active in elections, with various events this weekend setting up voter registration services.

You can register to vote in just a few minutes by heading to https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote  

Only 58% of 18-24 year olds voted in 2015, compared to 78% of over 65s, and so the various party starters involved will hope to remind young people of the importance of making their generation’s voice heard at the ballot box. “We understand that if 30% more under 25s vote it could help swing the election, and hopefully we can help towards that figure - even if it's only a small amount”, explained Lydia Lloyd-Henry, whose free party Puddles at Leeds’ Hyde Park Book Club on Friday 19th May will be one of several in the city providing laptops for voter registration. Similar provisions will be made at LGBT+ party Love Muscle on the next day, with founder Michael Upson stressing the importance of increasing turnout among minority communities.

“As with most minority groups, members of the LGB and particularly Trans community are adversely affected by changes to policy in health and welfare because they tend to rely on those services more than their straight and cis counterparts. That's why it’s more important than ever, especially in the current political climate, for the LGBT+ community to have an active voice in this general election.”

Other Leeds-based parties promoting participation include a last minute event at Hyde Park Book Club titled Get Out The Vote on Monday 22nd May, and Vote 2 Party! at Wire on Wednesday 7th June, which will grant free entry to registered voters. Both parties include DJs from various local nights, with Cosmic Slop, Brotherhood Sound System, Brudenell Groove, Glug Glug and On Rotation all lending their support and featuring at one or both of the events.

Photo courtesy of Elliot Stallion

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Party crews aim to get young people voting

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