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[Event Review] Louche with Marcellus Pittman & Tama Sumo

[Event Review] Louche with Marcellus Pittman & Tama Sumo

Louche with Marcellus Pittman & Tama Sumo
Saturday 16th March
Mint Club, Leeds

Louche really are just showing off now.  It’s not even about going from strength to strength anymore; these guys are just sitting pretty at top notch, delivering consistently tight parties wherever they go.  What’s really lovely, is that the Louche family are good party people.  The Louche heads are truly up for a nice time which means you’re always dancing as part of a little community rather than simply in a crowd, and their residents never let you down when it comes to good warm-up sounds.

We had Theo Parrish over courtesy of Mono_cult just a couple of months ago, and it seems Louche are not to be outdone - this weekend the spirit of The 3 Chairs was once more upon us, as Marcellus Pittman blessed our fair town with his first ever visitation. It would be fair to say that we showed him an extremely good time – you know the atmosphere is sublime when a superstar DJ feels relaxed enough to dance around singing along to his records. And of course the selection was superior, a Detroit showcase featuring plenty of lush disco and soul edits with a few spacier cuts from members of that other talented group, Model 500.


After a few hours of funky joy from Pittman we were treated to an even stronger selection, it has to be said, from Panorama Bar legend, Tama Sumo. Her sets are a testament to the power of DJing to make you feel all the feelings, and Saturday was no exception. Incredibly sharp but never too slick, Tama Sumo’s the kind of DJ that does whatever she wants to you, and makes sure you’re grateful for it. A personal highlight had to be her use of Four Tet’s recent ridiculously titled filth to segue into some of those ubiquitous ‘tribal rhythms’. Also incredible was the product placement of a new remix from her bro Prosumer, which is destined to destroy dancefloors all over the shop, but of course there were too many moments of pure pleasure to count. Another delicious and delightful evening - fifty points for Louche, stack ‘em up.

Review by Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura
Images courtesy of IGR :: Photo

[Event Review] Louche with Marcellus Pittman & Tama Sumo

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