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Nicole Moudaber: In conversation

Nicole Moudaber: In conversation

Ahead of her Leeds debut later this month for the Mint Festival Warm Up party at Mint Warehouse, we caught up with Nicole Moudaber, for the second time, and talk MOOD, a new forthcoming project (Breed), developing her sound and more.

I’d first like to ask you about your In The Mood parties that you’ve been throwing since the beginning of the year. You’ve been to Barcelona, New York, Greece and Mexico amongst a number of other cities. Which has been the highlight so far?

Miami and LA as well - it has been incredible actually, I’m still building my brand, the more we tour the more people love it, the reception has been overwhelming actually. I also do MoodRAW events which is more warehouse vibe, dirty filthy and magical all at the same time.

Your record label MOOD has been running since 2013. What do you look and listen for when deciding what music to sign to your label? 
If  the music reaches me then I will sign it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an establish or up and coming artist, it’s a platform for good music from house to techno, and everything in between and this is who I am. I play everything depending where and what time I’m playing.

You have a forthcoming project called Breed, which is a collaboration with Skin. Could you tell us a bit about Skin and what you will be doing together?
This project is very dear to me, it took me a while to get it to where i think it should be. Initially we started with two songs then we decided to do more, we were very inspired so we carried on. Further down the line Idecided to do videos, not to mention it took a while to produce the full vocal tracks I had from this incredible established song writer rock star!

It was very challenging, having to work with full vocals with house and techno, getting it right was crucial for me without sounding cheesy. It was a great journey and I can’t wait to put it out. (Release date: 18th September).

I have been reading about your first trip to The Tunnel where you saw Danny Tenaglia playing around 15 years ago. You described the music he was playing as tribal house and techno, which is when you fell in love with dance music. When you began making music yourself, did you already have the intention to produce harder edged techno, or did you begin with another sound?
I  initially produced deep house minimal records, then it progressed from there. I was still dabbling and discovering my sound and what I discovered along the way is that I love each style and I want to have them all. I have so many ideas. I’m always inspired but particularly lately, being on the road for month gives me a wider perception of what’s going to be next with my music.

In The Mood Miami
In The Mood - Miami - with Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox and more

When I first listened to your essential mix back in 2012 I was pretty dumbfounded by a particular track of yours on it named My Africana. I’ve been waiting and waiting for some news on this, has it been signed yet?
Oh wow, no it hasn’t I’ve been planning on releasing it on my label, but it’s been a while now. Do you think I should put it out? Thanks I’m glad you like it, well spotted!

You are playing in Leeds for the first time on August Bank Holiday Sunday, which is causing a big stir amongst the locals as it’s your first appearance there. Do you approach a set any differently if it is in a club or city you have never played in before?

I do normally. I like to get down slightly earlier to feel the vibe when it’s my first time in a club. But I know my peeps in England I’m so happy to be there on the bank holiday as well. I smell trouble already...

Mint Festival Warm Up Mint Warehouse

Catch Nicole Moudaber alongside Frank Lorber, Butch and Josh Butler for the int Festival Warm Up Terrace Party at Mint Warehouse - Sunday 30th August. Tickets on sale now.

Interview by Josh Plews

Nicole Moudaber: In conversation

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