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Reaction to Fabric closure

Reaction to Fabric closure

Last night, Islington Council took the steps to revoke Fabric’s licence, spelling an end for the London club. Fabric had been closed indefinitely following two drug related deaths at the club, initiating talks regarding its future between owners, Islington Council and The Met Police. In the wake of the indefinite closure a petition to save Fabric was started and received more than 150,000 signatures. London Mayor Sadiq Khan was also the centre of protest to the proposed closure following his promise to protect London’s ‘famous nightlife’.

Deliberation between all parties ran into the early hours with the verdict being delivered around 1am. The council found that door searches upon entry to the club were ‘inadequate and in breach of the club’s licence’, providing clear reasoning for Fabric’s license to be revoked.

The closure of Fabric will have seismic effect on the outlook of London’s club culture with shockwaves from the decision sure to be felt amongst clubs and promoters alike up and down the country. Whether the closure will become a watershed moment for club culture on the whole in the UK remains to be seen, nonetheless the decision to revoke the licence of a club as famous as Fabric shows the lengths that police and councils will go to to ensure clubbing is 100% safe.

Following the news that the venue will now close, industry figures, politicians and artists have voiced their opinion on the result of last night’s decison.

“Clubbing needs to be safe but I’m disappointed that Fabric, Islington Council and the Metropolitan Police were unable to reach agreement on how to address concerns about public safety. This decline must stop if London is to retain its status as a 24-hour city with a world-class nightlife.”
Sadiq Khan

“The decision is in - Fabric will lose its license following lengthy review. A big, big change for London nightlife.”
Fact Mag

 “Pure sadness about Fabric. London is being ruined right now.”
Four Tet

“Hard to describe the feeling in the room right now. An awful, awful decision has been made. #FabricReview”

 “I'm sick to my stomach. As an American in Kentucky the Fabric mixes were my window to the world. This is inconceivable.”
The Black Madonna

“They have Revoked the License for @Fabriclondon Now we have to all unite together & take this to the higher decision makers. #SaveFabric”
Night Time Industry Assosiation

“I had some drugs I was going to take on Sat at Fabric, but now it is closed so I will throw them down the toilet and never take drugs again.” 
John Hopkins

“The world we love is becoming increasingly unrecognisable. It's not that the voice of the youth isn't being heard. It's just that it's being laughed at.”
Daniel Avery

“Sendin all my love & respect 2 everyone who worked at fabric. The most professional club I've had the pleasure 2 dance & DJ in. Travesty.”  

“Devastating news for London, club life and culture as a whole.”

“Terrible news. End of an era, and a massive loss to UK clubbing culture. #FabricReview”
The Warehouse Project 

“Fabric, one of uk's most-respected nightclubs, is forced to close. what a fantastic example to the world of #LondonIsOpen @SadiqKhan!”
Josey Rebelle 

“And where were/are you @SadiqKhan? your 'nighttime economy' is a sham. smh. #fabricreview”
Leon Vynehall 

“Sadiq Khan is the wrong person to blame for Fabric closing. He used what influence he had. Other local politicians ignored the issue.”

“Fabric losing its licence is an absolute disgrace. @SadiqKhan you must get this overturned. There's nowhere left in London.”
Chase & Staus

All quotes, aside from Sadiq Khan, directly sourced from Twitter

Words by Elliot Ryder
Photo courtesy of Mixmag

Reaction to Fabric closure

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