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In Review: Ben Klock Presents PHOTON at Printworks, London

In Review: Ben Klock Presents PHOTON at Printworks, London

Georgina Walker | Reviews

Easter bank holiday had arrived with a host of parties across the city, but Photon stood out as an experience not to be missed. Ben Klock’s label Klockworks brought the Photon concept to Printworks for the first-time last year, as a brand of party coordinating lighting, music and space to create an immersive experience.

Partygoers of all ages and backgrounds arrived early in the day, and it was evident this Easter Sunday was rife with anticipation for the second dose of this unparalleled party at London’s Printworks. With an enigmatic allure, as Ben Klock chooses to only put on around five more for the rest of the year, this bank holiday was the perfect chance for London fans to experience the high calibre line up and ethos of Photon first hand.

As we explored the venue we saw the singular line light installations across the venue, setting the minimalistic tone for the rest of the event. Despite the vast space of Printworks, the concept translates perfectly, turning the venue into an intriguing and captivating industrial landscape.
Stepping into the Press Halls, the crowd was already dense as we arrived during Nobu’s set. He held the crowds’ attention from early and there was a good atmosphere all round as people spaced out to dance to the music with many also in the thick of it.
The Ambient Room was the second room of the event, which saw Sigha, Prurient and The Black Dog playing on a much smaller scale. With areas to sit, and multi coloured light shows the area allowed a more solitary experience of the music, compared to the more compact and uniting environment of the ‘corridor’ of the press halls.

Rodhad followed Nobu and immediately set a dramatic tone. The light show that accompanied appeared as cracks of light, that magnified throughout the build-up of the tracks, the light and sound merging together on this scale saw the set get off to an exciting start. An eclectic mix of selections, from the dark and atmospheric to enticing basslines followed, making Rodhad a standout of the day for me in the line-up, as the crowd simmered along, moulding to each new avenue the music took.

Surgeons live set arrived as the day was fully underway and excitement was high. The set was shorter at an hour long, but no time was wasted in entertaining the crowd. Bursting in with melodic house sounds then to a stronger darker techno sound that the crowd visibly enjoyed. The final two acts were approaching in the Press Halls, DVS1 and finally to Ben Klock himself. The lightshow from the balcony overlooking the press halls for DVS1 was incredible, as the erratic sounds captivated the crowd. The sound quality was better on the floor, so we headed back down as the final hours of the day approached and Ben Klock’s set was nearing.

A definitively darker sound emerged as Klock’s set began, suitable as the finale to the day. The crowd’s attention was locked waiting to see what sounds were coming next, from percussive elements to vocals. Framed by the majestic lighting the atmosphere was charged as the set flowed, whilst gliding through welcome yet unexpected turns.
As the set came to an end Klock who visibly enjoyed the set throughout couldn’t resist coming back and gave the cheering and enthused crowd one more track.

The endeavour to curate the day as a multi-sensory experience translated as authentic, as all elements interacted and heightened one another. Early into the day the light show appeared perceptive of the mood and tone of each act playing, it seems obvious as to why London’s Printworks had been chosen once again to host Photon.

In Review: Ben Klock Presents PHOTON at Printworks, London

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