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In Review: Brotherhood with Chaos In The CBD at Wire, Leeds

In Review: Brotherhood with Chaos In The CBD at Wire, Leeds

Jack Harrop | Reviews

Brotherhood was back in Wire with Londoner Aaron L and Kiwi duo Chaos in the CBD as the bookings. Closing proceedings this time was Tami, who had provided such a fitting opening for Tama Sumo and Lakuti last time round and now had the chance to close for the first time since her residency began.

Before experiencing Brotherhood, I’d never considered how much difference the gender of the DJs could make to a club night. However, after descending into Wire, I was immediately struck by how the mellow green lighting of the last party had been replaced with neon blue and purple, making for a more intense, less welcoming arrival. It was also apparent how busy it was. In fact it was too busy, there’s no other way of putting it.

Aaron L’s worldly, disco infused selections seemed to go down well with the crowd, but admittedly it was difficult to really tell as the club goers swayed to and fro in what little space they had and probably having to concentrate mostly on avoiding flailing elbows and that minority of the crowd that seems hell-bent on using people as chairs.

When Chaos in the CBD began their set they switched to more modern house tracks, and as the blue lights blazed around the depths of Wire the crowd definitely seemed to be enjoying their fast, pumping selections. It can’t be denied that the New Zealand born duo’s set was exciting and full of energy, but they didn’t seem to have tried that hard to pull out all the stops. There wasn’t any selections that spring to mind as being incredible, just consistently quite good. Considering how popular and talented they both are, they could have been braver. They also seemed keen to show the crowd they were really enjoying themselves by displaying lots of chest-thrust-out, eyes to the ceiling macho posturing when messing around with the EQs. Not an attractive trait in my eyes unless, for example, you’re closing a huge set on one of your own ridiculous productions. If you’re turning up the bass on a reasonably well known Chicago house belter, try not to make it look like you think you’re god’s gift to humanity.

By the time resident DJ Tami and Brotherhood founder George Hartshorn were stepping up to take over, the dance floor had thankfully become slightly less packed. After Lucy’s marvellous set at the last Brotherhood, they had a lot to live up to. A large crowd at 3.30am were treated to a fantastically entertaining set as Tami shifted from a filthy number by Anet K to heavier percussive tracks like Natlek’s "Cuppa First" and "Mido" by Yak. Everyone finally had a reasonable amount of space to dance, and the night was brought to a close in some style.

Photo courtesy of Chaos In The CBD

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In Review: Brotherhood with Chaos In The CBD at Wire, Leeds

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